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  1. I have had a barium swallow test now.

    I have asked a few times if there is anything wrong with the bowel and they say IBS .

    It's worse than ever .


    Not had the results of the test yet but believe they did not find much as had to ask for insurance


    I am on Acid reducing drug. The doctor also talked about drugs mixing. I have a good Rheumatologist but he is quite a thinker. He used to work at the Royal Free so he is okay.


    I run to the loo a lot now. So getting a bit fed up with it. I read the leaflet and I think I might need some treatment. Has anyone else been like this?

    Chris :emoticon-insomnia:

  2. Hi all,


    I am having a real bad time with my Raynaud's at the moment. I think I got my first little ulcer on my right index finger. It's a little slit almost like a paper cut and it hurts like the dickens!


    I also ordered some gloves with pockets that can hold the hand warmers I got. Silver gloves also work really well for reflecting heat back into your hands. I wear them by themselves in the summer time and under other gloves in the winter.


    Try 2 pairs of magic gloves on top of each other. The silver makes my hands colder. Also knitted gloves make my hands colder. I really only get on with magic gloves, I find gloves without a close fit will make me cold. Hat is a must and a good lined coat.


    Feet, knee length socks with a pair of short ones underneath and a vest or a tee shirt, jumper and fleece on top or good cardigan with full sleeves and good jeans, nothing thin on legs.

  3. My idea of keeping warm is going to the health club. Saves heating bills. I sit in the sun or by the pool it's 30c and swim and then sit in a hot tub.

    Then the showers are walk in. So that's done when I get home.

    Also take nifedipine. Getting the vacuum cleaner out is another way. Making cakes and driving with heater full on.

    Another is wearing the right clothes, sheepskin slippers, knee length socks, 2 pairs in winter. Sheep skin boots, vest, good thinnish Jumper and a fleece on top .Freezing weather, long johns, 2 vests and I make sure my arms are warm. I go out and I find people wearing one layer and nothing much on their feet, then they say they are cold .



  4. I used to be a carer and still am, unpaid .


    I would try first a power bath seat. Social services might supply, it but get one that has flaps at the side to slide your legs out and which lays back .


    You could work this yourself once in the bath.


    You charge up the battery thing which is waterproof.


    I have never come across one of these walk in baths in all my working life of being a carer.


    Or try an over head hoist to lower you in, or a bath seat on a pole with wind up handle ( old fashioned but good ) before you go for something fancy.


    I would guess one of those walk-in baths would be small and might have a built in seat ???Or a board and seat .



  5. Me again. Well I sit in the sun in my swimsuit by the pool ( should not really as I take MTX ) but have done it for years. Cannot remember if/ when the vit D was low.

    It might be the MTX or another drug we take that lowers it. Anyway I never worry if I feel fine .

    I am alive and thats it ha ha.

    love Christine

  6. Well I've not rung the Dentist yet as that means an appointment. Yes, I also have a dry mouth Sjogren's and use a high fluoride toothpaste and mouth wash . The reason my teeth are going fast. Cost wise as I live on benefits I would be better to have it out .


    But at moment hanging on as filling the gaps is a problem. I don't want to be out to lunch with a blender haha.

    I know old folks eat with no teeth; I might be able to as well. Possible root filling.... I wonder now if I have kept the tooth too long? The only option will be have it out .


    I might go elsewhere to look at other options of filling these gaps as my Dentist of 30 years is not happy in doing it and I think as I live with it my top lip is tight though have not a small mouth as such, but wonder if there's changes to come?


    But haha will likely be gappy for our Holidays next year......that will be fun!

    I think with food getting stuck if the tooth comes out it will have to be the blender and soft food haha


    Maybe I can go to the Eastman Dental Institute?


    love Christine.

  7. Hi Folks


    I have a ball of infection on my gum, does not hurt much it used to go away but now its there most of time. Been to dentist and its just a matter of calling them. I can have a root filling which might not work. It's a 3 rooted tooth. He recommended removal. Then I find out can't have the gaps filled. So if I have it out which really I need to, I will be left with 2 teeth in my whole mouth, that meet to chew on. I can't have any bridges, I think it's because of risk of infection because he has no where to clip the false ones on to, top lip is tight. I guess I would have to seek other ways.


    So meanwhile I have just had a barium swallow as food is getting stuck (only sometimes). I guess now if I have tooth out it will be down to using the blender.


    So has anyone else had the same problem? It's not quite a problem yet but I guess it will be, I would guess I need the tooth out. As I have just left it (gums not good).


    Any ideas please, I did find out about Eastman hospital but am I bad enough to go there?



  8. Well I'm still going strong! I have even bigger garden project in a very space but it works.


    I sit in the hot tub and swim at the heath club when cold.


    I help my friends parants in their 90s ( middle 90s ) to stay in their own home.


    Also driving about when I can .


    That's what I do to keep me busy and warm



  9. Gather tomatoes, pop into boiling water and then take the skins off.


    Chop them up and add basil herbs.


    Pop into saucepan ( I don't put any water in )


    Boil down and reduce and add a bit of sugar and tomatoe puree to taste.


    Add pepper keep tasting and reducing until you have it right and keep adding tomato puree and sugar ( little bit ) until the taste is right then use .



  10. I've been been on 2 holidays. The first one we took friends ( from overseas ) to Blackpool. I said to them you won't like it ,but they wanted to go dancing . Blackpool never again!...... but we enjoyed taking them out and about.


    I've just been to Iron bridge; that was nice and Cardiff.


    Next year I'm planning an overseas holiday which I will fix myself. My friend has viewed where we've have booked ( a nice flat ) and booked flights and insurance and pre booked a few things.



  11. Well this is the worst year I have had with runners .I have planted them 4 times; at last they are up. .And flowering very very late.


    They really should be over, but I've got 4 bags into the freezer. I think the last 2 years were bad years. Here's a tip... plant a little later, May/June. Start elsewhere like start in pots the green house .Plenty of muck at the bottom with good compost/soil and well fed and they won't grow beans if they're dry; they like lots of water .Plant something the bees like near the flowers. If the bees are not doing the work then spray with a mist of honey and water .


    Lots of water down to roots and hope for the best,



  12. Hi Folks,


    Does anyone else have problems with teeth and gums?


    I've now got to the stage where my dentist can't fit dentures or bridges, as I might need a other one out soon.


    I also have muscle coming away from gums.


    So I wonder if anyone else has problems?



  13. I also find some gloves make my hands colder, hand knitted ones are awful. With me snug ones are the best and 2 on top of each other. Feet I find easy,long socks and a pair of short socks and sheep skin boots or

    walking boots. I like doing jobs like cleaning out chickens and walking dogs.



  14. Well I have tiny hands.


    I find magic gloves the best as they are tight fitting or snug fitting and I can leave them on when getting money out and doing shopping. They're easy for chucking in pockets and when it's cold I wear 2 pairs. Also magic gloves with the pads on are okay for driving in.


    Otherwise I have a pair of sheepskin mittens but doing stuff in gloves is a pain when walking the dog or driving so I find magic gloves are best with the grippers or with a heat pad in.


    I have a battery heated gloves they are bulky and have to come off every time you do something .



  15. Hi Folks


    I know enough that diets won't cure R.A or Scleroderma but if you live on a junk diet its plain you will feel ill so I wonder what you think of diets and Scleroderma? Would a diet or change of diet help my tummy as today the R.A. man says my tummy has slowed down and he sees it in all people with scleroderma.So has anyone else tried any healthy eating plan and has it made any difference?



  16. Today I have been to the hospital.


    And yes he was saying I think your tummy has slowed down. I now take acid reducing drugs. My bowel drives me to POT is a good word for it, running to the loo and such like. So I am having a barium meal to see what's what.



  17. Try magic gloves or cotton gloves for the computer. I don't like silver gloves as they make my hands colder, but they might be ok in a office on a computer, or half-fingered gloves.


    Good wishes with keeping wrists warm,


    christine :emoticons-group-hug: :emoticon-dont-know:

  18. Well most of the time I am cold.


    It has got worse and this week the hospital might put me on the nifedipine all year round; also I'll see what they say about increasing the Methotrexate (still on a low dose).


    Looking smart.... well, that's gone out of the window; got too many clothes on. I find 3 layers might be okay; vest, long sleeve jumper with matching colour on top, jeans and long socks. Later when cold; long socks and a pair of short socks, long johns, sheepskin boots, hat and gloves (spare pair for going on top with good coat). Sometimes 2 vests or tee shirt vest.


    Crazy! I need sorting for cold but this weeks hospital appointment will hopefully do this.



  19. Warm Fashion for Raynaud's.


    Well, I've seen some vests that don't look like vests and long socks and also noticed today there are some new style cardies with long sleeves. I hope they do some smart winter trousers; usually they are too thin .


    I want to find smart trousers as thick as jeans in petite and short styles.


    What do you find keeps you warm in winter?


    In fact I wear winter clothes most of year now.