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  1. Hello.


    Have you got an overlap with it? I have fatigue but I have R.A as well and it's part of that.


    I have scleroderma, could be CREST. You might have a little something else as well. Check your CRP (C-reactive protein) and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) levels and check your iron levels as they will go down if you are flaring with something.



  2. Hi Folks

    I was diagnosed in 2007 with overlap Scleroderma with R.A . I only have mild scleroderma and amdoing very well on 10mls of MTX And in remission with the R.A I can track both back a few years before I flared up in 2007, so I may have had both for a few years ?


    I have lost my winkles now and my Raynaud's plays me up. The skin sometimes tightens up on my scalp and face but nothing really. My top lip has been tight for 2 years . Don't think I have a tight mouth as such. My skin is also bad - I have roseasa (acne) which is also on my body . I think things are changing but still in remission. So as you can see Slcero is mild compared with some one full blown .


    What I wanted to ask is I now run to the loo more then ever. In fact it's a nuisance. I am on long term antibiotics which don"t help should be off them in a week or 2.


    But the running to loo worse then ever. Could any body give me some advice? I have read the leaflet and it sounds like me, as well slight leaking. Could it be in the mind. or should I be seeing about this? I am now having double appointments with Dermatology and Rheumatology next being in November.


    My Rhuemalogist has seen lots of scleroderma and knows his stuff. My Nurse says it's IBS and she knows her stuff as she was once a gastric nurse .

    I also have had reflux for years .


    So what do you think? Next appointment ask about the bowel? In meanwhile can anyone give me any tips about rushing to loo. Ha, I was walking on a 2 mile walk last week to see a waterfall and ran twice to the loo within 10 mins and nearly did not make it back. That would had been nice in the middle of no where ha ha



  3. Hi Folks,



    I have over lap scleroderma with rheumatoid arthritis.


    How do I know in the scleromerma if things are getting worse?


    (I am very good for what's wrong with me. It's quite mild.)


    Sometimes I get reflux and bloating and I always run to the loo (I am diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome).


    My skin in the last 3 years has gotten more shiny now but compared with other sufferers I am nothing - I have it very mild.


    The worst is the running to the loo. Is this the scleroderma getting slightly worse?



  4. Well by train go too Kings Cross ask for an all in ticket for the underground when you buy the ticket in Enidugurgh. Get the northen line to Belize Park there are 2 trains thinks its the Edgewhere Road one. When at Belize Park its signposted its about quarter mile up a slight hill. Turn right at Pond Street by a church. There is a youth hostel at Kings Cross.



  5. : :) Hi folks .

    I have a rash on my face. It's Sebarrhoeic dermatitis I also have ance roseasa. The dermatitis has gone mad.

    I only have a scleroderma overlap with R.A. (rhematoid arthritis) I think I have them both mild. My face feels tight but it would do I suppose with a rash. I have got a tiny bit of change with my face. I wonder if the rash has gone mad because my face might be a bit tighter ????? Also the sun does not help. Has anyone else have a rash ( due too inumme systym being supressed )?


    How do other people get on with long term antibiotics?


    christine chockers

  6. Me I was a carer. Home care for the elderly and mental health.

    Done day centres for learning disk and older folk and support working

    and agency work who sent me every where. All sorts of care.


    I left in Feb 07 as my flare up came on very quickley. I was diagnosis Slc overlap with rheumatoid arthritis but very mobile on Mtx (methotrexate).



  7. smile.gif What keeps you busy and warm?


    Me, if I am cold I get the vacuum cleaner out.


    i also go swimming in a very warm pool and sit in the hot tub.


    Otherwise I might be gardening and looking after the house cooking and volunteering for the Red Cross home for hospital .Not all at once.


    What do you get up too?


    Christine (Chockers )

  8. Hi jefa

    i love Scotland and Glasgow .

    Welcome to forum .

    I am christine 56 I have slc and R.athritis I am mad and moblie I am married with a son .About to start uni number 2 to do masters .

    i come from Norfolk

    Love Christine ( chockers )

  9. :) Hi this year as I don't work anymore I have a new project growing veg. So with a small garden I have a split level lawn the top is flowers and nice lawn and beans and cabbage growing in the flower beds and tubs of veg growing.


    The lower level is a bit drab as there is an old ces pit under the lawn so brown most off time. So this year I put in rasied beds. Its only small. I got the wood from the wood yard put in posts at corner so I can have another plank on if I become crockey and may a something to sit on and rasie them up further wasit height. Filling was the worst and because its higher and the compost is soft ( mixture of home made growbags and compost ) and I put perlight in its very easy on my hands. Also fed the soil I have grown beetroot peas cauilflower and sprouts. I also have potatoes in spud bags as well. I cut up an oil tank into 3 rings and have squash and sweet corn cargets in.


    Last week I put in rasied bed number 2 a small one cost from woodyard. I told them how to make it off course. And will build up if troulbe with R.A. (rheumatoid arthritis) and Slc (scleroderma) I also have tomatoes in hanging baskets and strawberrys. The new bed has cauilflower and beetroot in. The rasied bed now I have cleared some veg is now seeded with spinage, carrot, parsnip. I also have carrot in buckets and peppers.


    Does any one else garden



    christine ( chockers )

  10. i have a concetvive tussiue nurse but only seen her once .She is training up

    iI am well concrolled so just see the other nurses .

    I am luckey that my Rheumatlosist used to work at the Royal free in London .

    i have a scleroderma overlap .



  11. Yes my famliy think I am fine. Well you look ok too me.

    They don't live near me. The scleroderma overlap does not show too much. I did get asked to take my gloves off. And don't put your coat on.

    They know I have Rheumatiod Arthrits but don't know I have Scleroderma .


    I have givin up in saying No I can't do that.( mind you they don't live near )

    I get away with it mostly.



  12. Yes I felt like this very weird and wonderful but it's because you have not got used to it yet it takes a a while.

    I speak on the NRAS (national rheumatoid arthritis society) fourm and its comom to feel like this for a while until the body is used to it. Loads of people are on it for rheumatoid arthritis.


    I have taken it for 2 years now and at least 1 year 10 months I had no promlems, don't know I have had it. Also they say take it at night with a meal if gives you promlems.


    Don't forget it takes 12 weeks to kick in then you will feel differance each week. For me its done wonders and you can inject it if it makes you feel sick.



  13. Hi Folks


    What do you cover your fingers sores with? I keep banging mine ( not broke ) and I wonder what is the best to cover my finger with?


    I wear gloves if doing something or in garden, I need something small, neat and padded. Any ideas?



  14. Hi Carol


    Christine here it is you isn't ?

    Yes when your body has been interfered with sometimes it will stop bowel from working .

    If anything has been handled near the bowel area will stop things moving.


    hope you are well otherwise