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  1. Hope you all have a peaceful and stress free time
  2. Hi Moley - I am with my rheumatologist for about 30 minutes - longer if I have lots of questions. When I was first diagnosed my doctor did not know much about scleroderma, not having had a patient with this. Give him his due, he read up on it, and spoke to specialists No doubt someone will be along who can give you your nearest contact details, but here is a good place to ask questions
  3. This topic was discussed a couple of years ago - just wondered if anyone had further input. 4 weeks ago, I had my blood pressure taken and it was a little high. I went back to see the nurse again today and it is still high. I have also been getting slight headaches, which is unusual for me, and nurse thinks it may have something to do with my recent change in medication. I have to go back in another 4 weeks - if it is still high I will have to see my doctor and maybe will have to wear a monitor for 24 hours. Anyone else having this problem ?
  4. On top of everything else I now have sciatica. I went to see my doctor a few months ago as I was having twinges down my right leg. It wasn't too bad at the time but now it is getting a lot worse. Nearly every time I stand up I get a shooting nerve pain down my leg. Pain killers are out of the question as I am on the maximum dose now for joint pain. Doctor says next step is physiotherapy and a scan. Anyone with suggestions before I go back to see the doctor.
  5. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions - I am busy trying them all!! Will let you know how I get on.
  6. My mouth has been dry for over a year now but lately it has got worse. I always carry water with me, my dentist suggested I put a drop or two of lemon juice in the bottle. My specialist prescribed synthetic saliva - but my main problem is when I am eating. Sometimes I chew and chew and chew and get nowhere - OH says I look like the beasts in the field !!!! :blink: If I talk for any length of time, my tongue practically sticks to the roof of my mouth and I have given up licking envelopes !
  7. I feel so sorry for the negative way you have been treated. I am so very lucky that my rheumatologist specialises in scleroderma and I can really discuss all my problems with him and he understands what I am talking about. My general practitioner has even read up on scleroderma since I have been diagnosed. Hope you get some positive understanding soon Carole x
  8. When I was diagnosed with scleroderma 7 years ago I applied for DLA. I was awarded just the lower mobility allowance, but my doctor (who had never treated anyone with scleroderma before), really went into it and when I re-applied, with the help of her updated report, I was awarded the higher rate for mobility, which meant I was able to get a car through Motability. Just stick with it - I am very lucky that my rheumatology specialist deals with the more 'obscure' rheumatic ailments and thoroughly understands all the problems I discuss with him. It is nice to belong to a very specialised c
  9. Thanks everybody for the warm welcome back. I have given up trying to catch up with all the posts - it was easier said than done. I will find myself a nice quiet hour very soon and bring you up to date Thanks again Carole x
  10. Well, I cannot believe it is over two years since I posted here. I know it had been a while but didn't realize it was so long. Have had all sorts of health problems as you do, but I am now certainly feeling lots better. I am going to spend the weekend reading everything to see what I have missed and will get back to posting next week. Happiness to you all Carole
  11. Tomorrow I have 140 mile drive (70 there and 70 back) to have my annual heart scan. It is right in the middle of the day :angry:
  12. WOW! - what have I started. I will have to look out for some really 'sexy' mittens - perhaps pink with pom-poms !!!!!!
  13. Although I always carry gloves with me, I haven't had to wear them for about 4 weeks. Last weekend however, out they came :angry: Although the weather wasn't really cold, I got that feeling in my fingers. This morning there is quite a breeze and I noticed the leaves falling off the trees ..... :o Wearing the gloves a bit more often this week
  14. Congratulations - I know what you have been through as I went down that road too. What a relief when it is all over and it makes life so much less stressful too
  15. Wasn't that fantastic of your parents - what a wonderful gift. I am sure we all understand what a difference your new gift has made to your quality of life.... :)
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