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  1. Hi Gigi08, Thanks for the info can you remember what the shots were called? Regards, angela
  2. Hi Jeannie Thanks for you email and attached email, good advice and much appreciated. Angela
  3. Hi Amanda Thanks for your 3 responses to my queries. Regards
  4. Hi Can anyone recommend a chiropodist / podiatrist in N.Ireland who has experience of treating someone with systemic scleroderma? Thanks and best wishes
  5. Hi, I'm still trying to do some research for my aunt; she has systemic scleroderma. I was wondering if anyone has advice on hair loss products that might work as she can't use anything like minoxidil. Any ideas? Thanks and best wishes.
  6. Hi Jeannie Thanks for the message that's really helpful - i thought it would be too good to be true - I'll definitely read the page on herbal remedies. Thanks and best wishes angela
  7. hi I'm trying to do some fact finding for my Aunt she has Systemic Scleroderma - I've seen websites which recommend herbal remedies. I was wondering if anyone has tried these or knows if they are safe or woud have side effects. thanks and best wishes
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