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  1. Shelley, She is so happy and so excited, especially when he said he saw no reason whatsoever that she couldn't get pregnant and carry a baby. Of course, she could doubt what doctor. Wigley told her and wonder what if the first doctor was right and he is wrong, but doctor. Wigley is the Associate Director of Rhematology and the Director of scleroderma at John Hopkins, which is the #1 Rhematology Center in the US, so for now...she is trusting that doctor. Wigley was right and he was so confident that she didn't have scleroderma and felt she only had a 20% chance of ever developing it.
  2. Well we just got back from John Hopkins and my sister got great news. Dr. Wigley spent over an hour looking at her skin, nailfolds, hands, feet, etc. and even though she has a positive ANA, positive Scl-70, GERD, Barret's esophagus, fatigue, joint pain, dry eyes, and had an abnormal PFT (PFT at JH came back normal...previous DLCO was low) and morning stiffness, he does not feel it is scleroderma. He thinks her Scl-70 was a false positive and that she has a non-specific mild connective tissue autoimmune disease. He went on to say that he felt she was a perfectly healthy 30 year old. He did
  3. Thank you all for your responses. One thing I am definitely finding is that there is no norm with scleroderma...everyone's symptoms, prognosis and quality of life seems to be different. I just be thinking of each and every one of you that they find a cure for this terrible disease. I will keep you posted as to what the doctor at John Hopkins says next Monday. Oh and one more thing. I want to get involved in any scleroderma fundraising events. Have a wonderful weekend! Amy
  4. Thank you for your reply Janey. What symptoms do you have? And does anyone in your family have autoimmune diseases. Also, since she does have an SCL-70 antibody and had the spirometry tests (coupled with the joint pains that took her to the doctor in the first place)...would your gut feeling telling you that she does in fact have scleroderma and that it is the more serious diffused form? Blessings Amy
  5. Hello! Last year my sister received a positive ANA after seeing a doctor for fatigue and severe joint pains in her toe, foot and wrist. At a recent follow up with a rheumatologist he ran more detailed blood work and it came back with a positive SCL-70 antibody, so he diagnosed her with Scleroderma. From there she went to a cardiologist, gastroenterologist and pulmonologist (echo on heart was normal), but the spirometry test done by the pulmonologist found that she had a 64% dclo and 74% total lung capacity, which suggested she already has mild lung involvement or mild restrictive lung disease.
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