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My name is Yvette. I have been married to my hubby, Ron for thirty years come this December. I have four grown children and two grandbabies that I adore. I used to be wonder woman but for the last few years I have been unable to find my cape so I had to resign. Now, when I fly I usually hop on my broom but only on a bad day. I love to knit and usually do so everyday. Baby things are my specialty as well as slippers. I find knitting to be a great stress reducer and I can do it even when I feel yucky. I may or may not have undifferentiated connective tissue disease. One doctor says yes, one doctor says no. I decided to give doctors a few days off and am just going to get through the winter as I always have. I have a pretty good stretching routine that I have worked out for the mornings. Periodically throughout the day I find a rest room or wherever to stretch my spine so it doesn't freeze and cause muscle spasms. I am 49 years old and have had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia since I was 33. Severe raynauds came immediately with the fibro, little by little the arthritis crept up on me. In 2008 I had my thyroid out due to cancer and then in May 08 had radioactive iodine treatment. Pretty weird experience too! Actually sucking up cherry flavored radioactive iodine from a metal juice box, (mine was a double shot). Well, that didn't work! So, Oct 08 I had 38 lymph nodes removed in my neck. Only 2 came back positive and I am on the "scan plan" for every 9 months. I believe the radioactive iodine revved up my immune system because I have never felt right since then. I developed some autoimmune antibodies and was diagnosed locally with UCTD. However, last week a specialist did not agree. This is where I am at and why I came to this group. Here I see people that live with similar conditions. I read posts and can almost feel the frustration of the poster jump off the monitor. A person in chronic pain and feeling betrayed by their body can feel betrayed even still when their blood work hides the answers. I guess through all of the years I have grown accustomed to pain and uncertainty. Or should I say, I have learned for certain that I will be in pain. I still try to enjoy my life as much as possible. When I feel especially yucky I get the grandkids and just play on the floor with them. They are so much fun and remind me that life is good!