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    In the article it explains how your the natural padding under heel and forefoot thins and your feet become wider and flatter. It's all part of the ageing process and other things (bad shoes, posture, habits, etc.) can contribute. Mine didn't thin, the skin on my heel is very thick.
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    I'm going to describe this to the best of my ability.. I have a problem with this has well.. the padding on my heels is very very hard, and the skin on my toes seems to be jagged. I also have a problem with the skin separating on my toes.. so I have to be careful especially when walking on carpet. Every now and then the carpet will snag some of the harder skin thats become separated and literally pull it off. When that happens it leaves a raw streak on my toes. Most people see this sort of thing around their fingernails.. for some reason I have this on the bottom of my feet as well.
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    Just Got Home From The Dermatologist..

    I've also started doing my own research (instead of depending solely on doctors) They have a quiz for Fibromyalgia, on the quiz I answer 18 out of 20 on the symptoms I was having. I will bring this up the rheumatologist. I want to thank every one of you for all of the support, and especially for listening to me rant.. even when you didn't have to.. I really appreciate it. -Diana
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    Just Got Home From The Dermatologist..

    I spoke to my husband about it, and I'm going to get in to see a rhumatologist.
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    Just Got Home From The Dermatologist..

    I just want to know that what I feel is normal, and not all in my head.. its so frustrating :huh:
  6. Ya know doctors really tick me off. Let me elaborate.. The last time I had gone to the doctor they gave me a cream that would 'bleach' my spots, and help control any new ones that may develop. So, 3 weeks later I return to the dermatologist to get results from my blood work, and for him to recheck the spots. I did not use the cream because I have been there and done that.. and cosmetically there is nothing they can do to fix my skin.(I've gone through the bleaching stuff since I was about 15) He looked at my spots and says YES! That cream is working great!! You can hardly see it at all! I just about laughed in his face.. in fact all I really could say was 'lol okkkk sure'. So I'll be looking for a new dermatologist.. My blood results came back today, he said my Lyme Disease was .90 and the rest of my results were 1.00 (Borderline negative, borderline positive) Why do they automatically say you are negative when you're borderline positive! It may seem as if I wished I had systematic sleroderma.. and you know there's a part of me that wished I did. I hurt everyday.. its painful to play with my children, and I can't do everything that I wished I could with them, even getting off of the floor kills my knees. The dermatologist now is considering me Morphea only.. and all he said was 'see you in 6 months'. Am I going crazy? Am I making my symptoms out to be something they aren't? Is the pain something I am causing mentally somehow? My joints are hurting, my muscle spasms hurt.. what other route is there to take? Why is this doctor acting like I just have a rash?
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    I do have that on my back (they call it a saucer and cup), my sides, and stomach. I have noticed a very small one on my wrist.. although I am not 100% sure the one on my wrist is scleroderma. .
  8. i know tell me about it!! You should have seen me at 15 swallowing dye so they could view my intestinal tract. ::sigh:: All of these things can't possibly be morphea.. but I'd be heart broken if it were systemic. I hate waiting this out.. its been long enough ya know.
  9. Thank you oh so much. I know the dermatologist is going to want me to see a rhumatologist? (sorry for spelling). I am hoping that the activities I was involved in as a younger child havent 'used up' or damaged the bones or muscles. I used to run cross country during high school, participated in cheerleading for a few years, was into softball. I love to run so not being able to run as much or for as long as I would like has really been difficult. I had 5 miscarriages during the past 8 years. One included a molar pregnancy, and one was a tubal pregnancy. It was absolutely miserable being pregnant, but the end result was wonderful. I am going to call Monday morning and hopefully the results are back in. He did give me a cream that he said would help in bleaching the skin so the spots werent so obvious. My spots are like bruises, and oval shaped. They itch at times, but they dont hurt. :huh: I forgot to mention that at age 14 I had 'bells palsy'. Its a disorder that temporarily paralyzes on side of the face. I do not know if this has anything to do with the morphea or not.
  10. I was diagnosed with a 'form' of scleroderma when I was 15 years old. I am now 27 years old with four children. The past two years have been extremely rough. I've had my gallbladder removed (1 large stone the size of a golf ball), I have bladder spasms, a lot of inflammation around my ovaries although not severe enough to have them removed. It controlled with medication.., I have had gastritis since I was 15. I also have heart palpitations which they blame on anxiety. Did I mention I had anxiety as well? ::sigh:: I have also started having a warm sensation in my toes on my right foot? No one knows what causes that. My joints are extremely uncomfortable now, and they pop constantly. Especially my knees.. my back has also started bothering me, and I have muscle spasms all over my body.. even in the most private places.. As I said I've had a lot of problems that I've always thought were caused by scleroderma. I did have a biopsy when I was 15 and all they came off with was 'a form of scleroderma'. I went to the dermatologist last Friday. He set me up for blood work to test for 6 or 7 different antibodies. I am currently awaiting the results from the bloodwork to find out if I carry the antibody for systematic scleroderma. I have to say that I am extremely afraid.. I asociate everything that has gone wrong with me with Scleroderma. I really believe something is not right. He did state that the markings on my back, sides, and stomach looked like Morphea. I just have a few questions so I am prepared for what ever happens this week. If its Morphea will I die from this? I have 4 children ranging from 8 to 11 months. I'm completely terrified of this. (who's not?) What is the average person like after they start having muscle spasms? Is this my muscles getting hard? Will I end up in a wheelchair? I've never had symptoms from scleroderma up until 2 years ago.. its been downhill ever since. Any help would be soo appreciated. Thank you in advance. :huh: