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  1. Thank you Shelley. I'm sure hoping you aren't wrong this time :) That would be great! It has only been 5 days and my doctor hasn't called yet about the biopsy. He asked me if I had took a lot of aspirin related medications; he asked me several times about this. I said "no" not very often do I ever take an ibuprofen. I told him I had taken a cold preparation with acetaminophen and he said that was fine then he told me it could have been the steroid med. No more steroids for me in the future, that's for sure. I really don't know what he is going to do. But after the endoscopy he s
  2. Hello Everyone I have Crohns in my small intestines. I had spit up blood on four different occasions so my doctor sent me to have an endoscopy once again. He said I had severe watermelon stomach and a few large ulcers. It was all fine three months ago when I had last endoscopy but after being on a certain steroid he thinks this may have triggered this problem. I'm waiting for the biopsy now. My doctor said he would have to do laser surgery most likely but has put me on sucralfate med to coat the lining of my stomach so it would hopefully heal up a bit. I'm not having any pain at all bu
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