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  1. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge with me. The AC is off at my work heat is on, since we are approaching winters. I live in Canada too, I am glad winters are here. I was asking about AC so I can prepare myself during winter season of how I can cope with AC at work in summers. No matter how hard I try to stay warm in summers at work, I feel cold all the time. I thought maybe I am allergic to AC or something but I guess its part of Scleroderma. I always wear socks, shoes, jacket, even 3 layers in summers at work but when AC is so high it doesn't really help me. I complained so many times this summers and had the electrician come around and fix it but its an ongoing battle for me. Last time when I called the electrician, he saw me using a small personal heater and told me off for that. He said it will be taken away if I use it again as I could be careless and cause fire etc. Anyway, I am happy for now as its winters.:happy1-by-lisa-volz: Take care all, Love, Monu
  2. Hi all, I have had Scleroderma for 6 years, I was diagnosed when I was 26 years old. First symptom that I ever noticed was Raynaud's. The doctors in the begining said it's common, not to worry about. My major problems are 1. tight skin on face, neck and hands 2. Raynaud's - I feel so cold in the air conditioning at work (it seems like I am so allergic to A.C ) 3. Pigmentation on face. I am a very optimistic person and I know one day someone will come up with the answers. Any suggestion that can help me will be great. Thanks a ton! Monika
  3. Alex, Thank you kindly I have stopped using sharp objects for my manicure. I do it myself now with creams. I am tying to buy all natural creams rather than the one with chemicals . Thank you Monika
  4. Thank you for your reply, i think my doctor was afraid that I will cut my cuticles if I do manicures. But I feel like if I take care of my manicure myself it's much better.
  5. Hi all, I was diagonised with Scleroderma in 2006. I have symptoms like Raynauds, hard skin on neck, face and hands etc. I also have pigmentation on nose and cheeks tough I apply SCF 60 sunscreen every day. Does anyone know how to get rid of this pigmentation? Also can anyone tell if I should be doing manicure or not as I was told by my doctor not to do it. But I feel I always get lots of dead skin around my nails which if I dont remove goes hard. Thanks Monika
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