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  1. Hey Joe its Theresa again. I also forgot to mention that my symptoms are constent, were yours?
  2. Emmie, hi my name is Theresa I typed in hot head the other day and this site came up and there your post and others were. Do you remember replying to a Joe about his head feeling like it was on fire all the time? Did you everget any results from your doctor?
  3. Did you ever find out anything on hot head symptoms? I saw your post back from 2006
  4. Thank you for replying to my problem. What is SSc? I forgot to mention that I do not sweat when I feel hot. Wierd uh? I go back to the doctors wednesday I will let you know what they say. You said your tb is reactive? can they help you a second time? I hope so because you sound like a very kind person and deserve to have a happy life.
  5. Hi, this is my first time to be on this site. For about two months my face and head feel like they are on fire so I've been keeping my face and head sprayed with water and sit under the air conditioner and fan. The rest of my body is very warm but tolerable. The doctors have checked my thyroid and hormones but have not came up with an anwser. Has any one had these symptoms?
  6. Hi, my name is Theresa. For about two months I have felt like my neck up is on fire. The other part of my body feels very warm. When I have a blanket over me from my shoulders down I can feel the heat flowing out from under the blanket. In order to tolerate the heat on my head I must spray my neck up with water and stay under a fan in the air conditioner at all times. Even at bed time I get so hot that I have to keep wetted down before I can fall back to sleep. Please if you have any information that might help, let me know. thank you
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