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  1. Thank you so much for all the info. I realize you are not a doctor, but I also know that the wonderful people on this site, give more good information than any of my doctors can. I believe the only way to find any answers is through people who have experienced the same issues with the disease. I have even been told by a doctor that sclero doesn't cause pain. Honestly I was begining to think it really was all in my head. I have a good tolerance for pain, so when it is keeping me up at night and in tears, I'm thinking its not all in my head anymore. Needless to say, it becomes frustrating when they can't tell me what is going on. Thank you so much for your compassion and quick response. I will keep you up to date with this, hopefully the injection will work. I dont know that I could take the pain it caused again. I will keep you all in my thoughts. Thank you so very much..
  2. Hello, I am trying to find out info on calcific tendonitis. Four weeks ago my doctor prescribed Plaquenil to help relieve issues with my sclero. After a week of the medication, my right shoulder started to hurt terribly, and I went numb from the right side of my face down through my right arm. I went to see my primary care physician to find out if it was a side affect from the plaquenil. He didn't have an answer for me and sent me to a bone and joint doctor. After an x-ray he said I had calcific tendonitis and gave me a cortisone injection. He also gave me pain killers. I'm at day 3 and the pain is so much worse than it was originally. So my questions are, do cortisone injections work, and if so how long does it take? Is calcific tendonitis common in sclero patients? And finally, has anyone had a similar experience using Plaquenil? I would really appreciate any info anyone can share, and thank you all in advance.
  3. Okay , I have come to the conclusion that it has just got to be me. I went to my primary care physician because of issues I was having which I wasn't sure if they were sclero related or depression related or both. He more or less blew me off and suggested I seek counseling. I am not a talker, I have a very hard time expressing myself or showing feeling, but I felt so bad that I thought it might not hurt. I had my 4th counseling session today. It began with this woman telling me that she wasn't sure she could help me, because I didn't seem to be very open to it, and her exact words were, "you are just wasting my time". Then she proceeded to ask me what I wanted to do now. I politely stood up, and said I guess I will just go home then. Isnt it funny she didn't mind taking my money for a 5 minute session? I am so absolutely blown away by this that I went to the store and bought 2 bags of chocolate cookies, a gallon of chocolate ice cream, 4 bags of halloween candy (for myself, not the trick -or treaters) and some chocolate eclairs. I have plenty to share. I have never asked anyone for help with anything my whole life, and now that I have asked for help I am left feeling very foolish. I don't know what I did to get that kind of response. It is starting to bother me more now than it did when it happened this morning. Is this sort of thing something that is standard practice? Why does it seem like its such a common thing among us that we are treated as if we don't matter? Im just not getting it. :emoticon-bang-head:
  4. Hello mando, I am currently feeling the same as you as well, I have tried 2 anti depressants so far, and due to strange headaches on them I had to stop taking them, I hate side effects, but my Doctor has assured me that with time we will find the right one. Keep that in mind, if one doesn't work, don't give up, keep working with your doctor until you are satisfied that you have the right one. I really feel for you and hope you are feeling better sooner than later.
  5. Good afternoon, Sorry to hear about your experience westcoast, it is a constant quest to find a doctor who is willing to take the time to listen and answer our questions, a battle I haven't seem to have won myself. I do have a question for all of you though. About a year after I was diagnosed with sclero, I started getting migraines with sight loss only in my right eye. When I mentioned it to the rheumatologist he said I must have a history of migraines. I explained to him that I have never had a migraine before in my life and he didn't say much else, I never brought it up again. I see many of you also suffer migraines and I was curious if it is related to the sclero or not. It's really a shame that these doctors make me so afraid to ask questions. I'm so glad I can come here and maybe get some answers. Thanks for your input. Wishing you all well. Robin
  6. Deb, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost a friend. Our animals can become such a big part of the family its hard to say good bye to them. It will help to know you gave your pet a happy long life and im sure he loved you too. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I finially decided today that enough is enough, and called my rheumatologist for a pain medication. He prescribed Relafen. Has any one here taken it, and if so, how were the side effects, and did it help. Thanks for any input, I hate taking medication but just can't deal with the pain any more. Wishing you all well, Robin
  8. sherion, It is sad isn't it, I have always taught my children to give everyone a chance, respect others, and help out those in need. I take them with me to donate food to shelters, blankets to animal shelters, and toys for needy children. I work hard and I try to do things the right way. To be treated like you deserve what you get because of weight, or smoking isnt right. I battle my weight and the smoking everyday, I dont want to look or feel this way, but I have accepted it and I try to be happy with who I am, But I can't help but wonder who is worthy of respect, we all, including them, do things that arnt nessicarily good for us. Do they enjoy a few drinks, do they drive too fast, did they eat bacon or a donut this morning. I think these doctors need to go back to school and get an education in compassion, then maybe they can say they were trulely succesful in life. I say all this but when it comes right down to it, they can still make us feel so horrible about ourselves. Seems so back words. On the bright side, we can come here and vent, make friends, and earn points so we can create our own wonderful avatars, and no one is judging us. Makes the world a better place. wishing you well, Robin
  9. Hello debonair, I am a romantic, when one of my children talk of a newer movie Ive usually never even heard of it. I always tell them there is more class in an oldie but goody than in anything made today. My oldest gets a kick out of the fact that I still watch little house on the prarie, and how no matter how many times I see a re-run of a certain episode I still cry, lol, The older stuff will always be the best as far as I'm concerned. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Best wishes, Robin
  10. I love a good comedy, But I would have to say my all time favorite is "Its a wonderful life" I have the movie, but I look foward to seeing it on television every year at holiday time, And I also look foward to all the holiday carol movies, nothing like a good scrooge to get you in the spirit. Take care all. Robin
  11. Hello all, Amanda, I just read your comment about how well you look, and the embalming thing, I laughed so hard I almost choked on my morning coffee. After a night of no sleep, I needed that laugh, so I wanted to thank you. I have also heard about my weight, I admit, I love chocolate, I eat alot of it, I was always thin until my thyroid went, then my body starting hurting and this aweful fatigue set in, cutting my daily activities to just must do chores, and then rest for 2 hours. And I am ashamed to admit that I smoke, so my Doctors have a field day with making me feel as low as a person can possibly go. It is quite evident to me that when I go to the Doctor, In their minds I am not worthy of treatment. Now it seems they would prefer to label my fatigue and pain, depression, a battle with them seems almost impossible to win. Thanks again for the laugh.
  12. Hello, No, I have not been able to get into the chat room, wasn't sure if there was something wrong on my end or not.
  13. Okay, I just got really excited about your post Penny. You sound like me, and I thought I was just going crazy or something. At 42, I thought I was too young to be senile. I get lost all the time driving the same route ive driven for years. It began with one night leaving work, I couldn't remember how to get home drove for 15 minutes until I recognize something and found my way. Then another time I stopped to get gas and when finished I couldn't remember how to start my car. Then not too long ago I got lost going to work. I find that now its alot easier to have my sister take me places when she can because it is starting to freak me out. My sister also has to make a list for me of things I need to do because I can't remember to do it myself. So now my only question is what is causing the brain fog. But Iam relieved to find out I'm not losing my mind, just my memory.
  14. Good morning everyone, I have a question. I noticed yesturday that my fingernails have grown vertical ridges. This was not there last month. I have them on all but 2 fingernails. Is this something related to sclero? Or can Raynaud's cause this? Any info would be helpful. I'm not worried about it, just curious. Thanks Robin
  15. Hello Mando, I have to be honest with as an animal lover, I would have cried too. Hope you are feeling better really soon. I am also trying very hard to pull myself out of the pit I fell into , but we have to believe it will get better. Take care.
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