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  1. Hi Amanda Thanks for your post. I suppose you have had to raise your bed so you are just about sleeping in the stars!! Something I wish I had known before I aspirated was how taking certain medication just before I lie down can reduce the damage from stomach contents if they regurgitate during the night. One of the real problems with aspiration is the burning of the lung tissue from the stomach bile and certain medications can help neutralise that. Just a thought for you. (My fabulous general practitioner who knows so much about scleroderma suggested this). All the best and I would lov
  2. Kia Ora from New Zealand I am new to the forum ... I am 17 years in the scleroderma journey and managing well -- only scleroderma liver (PBC) and percarditis, digestion and Raynaud's to contend with (all managed with medication). I live in New Zealand, teach secondary school full time -- so I haven't let scleroderma change my life!! I wrote my story in the first edition of Scleroderma Voices when I was living in Melbourne. I can't tell you how many times I have used this website to help get me through -- in fact last November I had aspirated into my airway -- due to aesophagus problem
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