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  1. Hi everyone! It says in sclero articles that the active period of the disease lasts 3-5 years. Guys Is it true? Could this be cured by itself? Here's my short story. 30 year old female, Positive ANA and SCL70 and almost no symptoms...but I noticed a little plaque on my chin that is soft, brownish and a little bit bound-down. I think it could be localized morphea (Subcutaneous morphea). What else it could be? (I went to sclero specialist and she said I don't have anything but this was a couple of months ago. Could this plaque appear in 2 months? Are there anybody who had positive AN
  2. Hello everyone, Guys if somebody of you have this skin condition (morphea or whatever its called when skin went down) how it feels? Is it painful? My appointment in a month only and I don't know what to do now :( I also have pain in that area (buttocks) like I've exercise a lot.
  3. Guys thanks for your answers! My fever (usually 99-99.5F) starts at 2 pm and might go away by itself around 6-7 pm but during this period I feel so weak
  4. Thanks for replying i so rheumatologyst and there is no diagnosis for me so far, but I have ANA positive, scl-70 2.5 time more than normal and this simptoms. As for fever, my doctor said its not a fever that need any treatment...that's why I ask for your advice
  5. Hi everyone! I have fever every day and it starts rising around 2pm. I also have joints pain in the morning ... but unfortunately I don't have insurance now. Guys what are you taking for joints and for fever( if you have it)? I've tried some over the counter cream and acetaminophen...but its not help much.
  6. Hi guys! Thank you all sooo much for reading and answering. I'm so happy I find you. Thank for your advice and understanding. If any of you have red spots on the tongue, how does it feel like? Today I notice I have spots on my tongue close to throat and it feels like little bumps. I've searched for red spots due to sclero pictures but nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to ER doctor for the follow up appointment....hope he'll take a biopsy.. And how does it feel if you have dry mouth and dry eyes? Guys can you please describe your sensation so I can compare with mine. Snowbird, I'm not s
  7. Hi everyone! I'm almost dying of fright every day. I start my morning with reading articles about scleroderma and look at my body for new symptoms... and find it! This story started with severe allergies, (2 months after I gave birth my 1-st baby), I went to the primary care and he ordered bunch of blood tests. It came back ANA positive (114, but interesting its not 100% positive, its like in the middle, because positive in that lab >120, negative <99) and SCL-70 2.5 (norm 0-0.9). And from that point I started to notice my SYMPTOMS. -diarrhea (that actually went away with c
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