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  1. Hi Susie! I also love popcorn and sometimes have the "stuck in my throat" feeling after eating some. Have you tried not using salt? Best, Claudia
  2. Hi Celia! I can understand you're feeling confused. Like Jennifer says, the ranges of "normal" vary among specialists, doctors, etc. What I think Doctors focus on more is making sure that the trend either stays stable or gets better. That's why it's a good thing you're getting regular PFTs like Jennifer says. By the way, good luck on your PFTs today Jennifer. Best, Claudia
  3. Hi Dave! Hope you're feeling even better today. Best, Claudia
  4. Thanks to all for the support! Shelley, how right you are. One thing I did try which works is to smear my hands with cream before putting the gloves on. The heat from the water helps seal in moisture and my hands will actually feel better after the dishes are done. I don't like the gloves too much either, but boy, do they come in "handy"... Have a great week y'all! Claudia
  5. Thanks Janey, I'm on the road to recovery...
  6. Guys, You really have to come down here then; it's sea level all right. One can tell just by the way my hair frizzes up when I drive close to the sea. You guys won't need the oxygen, just a good hair dyer... Claudia
  7. Hi guys! I know we're supposed to use gloves whenever doing housework. Well, guess what? I spent Easter week-end doing the dishes without my gloves (I was in a remote cabin). Now my fingertips are really sore and there's nasty little cuts all over the place. I've been using the paraffin wax kit and Norvasc as damage control. Moral of the story: Always remember to use your gloves! Best, Claudia
  8. Hi Irene! My spots, like the skin thickening, developed slowly over time. Best, Claudia
  9. Hi Erin! I'm jumping in to wish you congratulations on your appointment. I'm so glad that the doctors. who are treating you, apart from their proffesional expertise, are also compassionate, caring beings. That means a lot. By the way, I have a positive SCL-70 too. Supposedly it's a marker for diffuse sclero and lung fibrosis. And guess what? I have limted sclero and healthy lungs (knock on wood). Just because the lab says it's there it doesn't have to mean anything. Keep healthy! Claudia
  10. Hi Irene! I have skin depigmentation on my elbows and a bit on my knuckles. I have never taken Plaquenil. I discovered that the changes tend to get better when the disease is in remission. It's not too bad. I do take the occasional sun, even though that's a no-no. Best, Claudia
  11. Hi there! I can vouch for the positive effects of an afternoon nap. I live in the Caribbean with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees celcius every day. A nap in the early afternoon becomes a lifesaver. Not to mention an energy blast. Best, Claudia
  12. Hi there! I guess I'm lucky that no Dr. has ever gotten upset because I do a bit of research. Dr. Wigley once even printed out something from the Internet for me. I really can't complain... Best, Claudia
  13. Hi Jennifer! Janey gave you good info. above. Yes, the weather is lovely. I'll be celebrating the Spring Break in the mountains, with a temp. of 7 degrees. My Raynauds will have a great time! You know, in the form where my Dr. checks off for labs he sometimes writes the PFT right there. Maybe you could send him an e-mail and ask? Have a great holiday! Claudia
  14. Hi Jennifer! I didn't know a blood test could measure diffusion capacity. Maybe your Dr. wants you to have another PFT? Sorry I can't be more helpful! Best, Claudia
  15. Hi Laura! I'd like to join the others in welcoming you to this great board. I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with scleroderma. When I had joint pain (in my wrists like you) my Dr. prescribed ibuprofen. It worked well, since I had no GI issues to deal with. Luckily the joint pain subsided a while ago. I hope you'll start feeling better soon! Best, Claudia
  16. Hi Dave! That was really great news! I've heard so many good things about Duke; you're definetely at the right place. I hope you'll continue feeling better and better as the days go by. Best, Claudia
  17. Hi Celia! You ask a very good question. I think that in order for finger ulcers to form there should be some lack of oxygenation to the skin, such as Raynauds. I've never heard of anyone getting finger ulcers without Raynauds. But then again, I'm no Dr. Good luck, Claudia
  18. Hi girls! I'll jump in to say ditto to Shelley. The exercises do help. I'm going to have another Restylane injection next week. That plus the facial exercises have really helped soften up my face. Have a great week-end everybody! Cheers, Claudia
  19. Hi Irene! My skin also does funny things and the pigmentation on my lips also seems to be thinning a bit. I try to always have either lipstick or at least lip gloss on at all times. It also helps to keep things moisturized. Good luck! Best, Claudia
  20. Dear Vee, I'm so happy to hear the prednisone is working for you. Yeah, I guess it has "amplifying" side effects. Like Lisa suggests, try to favor healthy snacks while you wait to be tapered off the med in a couple of months. It's always so good to read about PFTs going up! Have a great week-end! Best, Claudia
  21. Hi Sam! I'm so glad to hear you started working out. Yeah, I know the sore feeling. This morning I was thinking, "I'd rather watch what I eat and exercise rather than having to lose weight". I hope this active lifestyle will help you feel a lot better. Best, Claudia
  22. Hi JG! I think you got great advice and words from the gals here. You say you're willing to try anything. Well, since my sclero started I have been treated by an alternative therapist (I also go to a "regular" Dr.) who does this massage that's supposed to improve the flow of energy in my body. I firmly believe this therapy, along with other measures and medications, has helped keep my sclero at bay. Good luck with the pulmonologist! Best, Claudia
  23. Hi Jennifer! You ask a very good question. The only thing I can tell you is that my Dr. chose Cellcept for me because the disease was progressing in my skin and not anywhere else (lungs, etc.). Best, Claudia
  24. Hello Shari! I was just mentioning to my therapist how tired I was and she said it could be due to some phenomenon (I forgot the name) which occurs in March-April that has tiredness as one of its symptoms. Yeah, I know it's alternative stuff, but I'm so tired nowadays I'll believe anything. Try to get some rest, as silly as that sounds. Go to bed as early as you can and I agree with Sweet that a latte does help when the energy levels seem to fall during the day. Sending you energy, Claudia
  25. Hi Monika! My skin breaks out sometimes similarly to what you describe. Try to wash your face only once a day (except if you regularly wear make-up of course) with a non-irritant cleanser made specially for sensitive skin. Avoid exfoliants, chemical peelings, etc. Have you tried making a facial mask with oatmeal and honey? If you apply it for about 10 minutes it really helps calm the skin down. And don't forget to moisturize that face. Dry skin seems to attack us with a vengeance. Unfortunately I don't know if your meds cause the reaction. Good luck! Claudia
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