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  1. Sheryl thank you for letting me know you got my first message! I am a 46 year old mom of three boys. One 18, and two 13 year olds. One of my sons is my step son. Anyways, I have been suffering for several years and have some very active painful digital ulcers that prompted me to try to find a topical poultice to draw out the infections. Oral antibiotics work somewhat but then I get a yeast infection etc. Just been feeling very lonely about my disease and was so pleased to find this site and even more to see my specialist at the University of Michigan Hospital. People are obviously distraught when they see my hands. They have no idea why I have bloated, pus filled fingers but they definitely shy away. Anyways, I have had scleroderma for like 12 years with Raynaud's. All sorts of gastro involvement. Pain at night, trouble sleeping, swollen joints, etc. I need to try to find a local rheumatologist in now that I've moved. Molly
  2. Help - I am trying to enter this chat room as I just discovered the ISN website lastnight and have joined this site only moments ago. Can anyone respond to this so I can know if this working or not? Molly elizabeth
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