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  1. Well I scheduled an appointment with a local sclero specialist, but wow.......it's not till the end of February! Wish I had thought of this sooner. Oh well, at least I'm on my way to getting some answers and advice from an expert. :)
  2. KellyA I just sent you an e-mail. Look forward to hearing back from you.
  3. Hello everyone. New member here. I was diagnosed with Morphea by a dermatologist about 4 years ago at age 35. I initally had a baseball sized area on my back and the doctor simply said "It's Morphea and there is no treatment or cure". Told me if it ever spread to my face to come back in. Well, over the years it has spread all over my torso, front and back and is starting it's way up my chest. I also noticed the other day that is creeping up the back of my neck. I also have patches on the insides of both elbows; no where else on my arms just the elbows. The areas on my arms are the most troublesome as far as being uncomforatble goes, but my back does get ridiculously itchy. I live in central New Jersey and would like to see a Rheumatologist. There are plenty in my area but I really don't want to waste my time with someone who isn't familiar and will just refer me to another doctor. Does anyone have any referrals for doctors in NJ? I just want to meet with a doctor who can confirm that it's all just morphea and not something else. Thanks everybody!
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