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  1. My name is Jacky and 2 weeks ago I found out after having work done on my bottom teeth that I need to have all my top teeth extracted.. I was shocked but unfortunately I knew deep down inside that the dentist was right. I have neglected my teeth my whole life and I am 58 years old. My front teeth are horrible to look at and I have receding gums. I lost a front tooth Thanksgiving weekend. It just fell out as I was eating a piece of pie. That's what sent me to the dentist. He has filled and cleaned all the teeth on the bottom and is going to take out my top teeth on Nov.5th and I am really scared. I feel it is better to wait till my gums heal and then put in the dentures but he wants me to put them in right away and then come back and get them relined. I have already given him $600 dollars and have another six for him tomorrow, so I feel that I have already made the commitment to him and I haven't gotten a second opinion. He is probably in his early seventies and I felt at the time that he probably had the experience and I didn't question him about anything. Now I am worried day and night and that I have made a wrong decision. Is there anyone out there that has had a top denture put in? Or is there anyone who has had any dentures in and what was your experience with them? Should I leave them in at night for the first while or should I take them out every night to let my gums heal? I know I can ask my dentist all of these questions but I would really like to hear from someone first hand who has had the experience. Last year I had lung cancer and had to go through a major operation but loosing my top teeth is very devastating for me (as it was always a nightmare that someday I would end up with false teeth. That may sound silly coming from a woman who just had lung surgery a year and almost a half ago but that's how I feel. Thanks for reading this.
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