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  1. nancymuth52

    Having a hard time

    Go to Florida and sit on the beach and contemplate nothing. Let the sound of the waves lift you away. If your depression meds aren't working talk to your doctor. I waited for so long to tell my doctor I was depressed, I spent 2 years telling myself I would get better. Reality has finally hit. I have systemic scleroderma with a really bad case of Raynaud's syndrome. All my skin is involved but my back. Life gets really tiresome but I look into my grandson's face and I know I have to go on. Keep the faith. We are only given what we can handle. You are in my thoughts from now on. Nancy Muth
  2. nancymuth52

    I'm new here

    To help me go to sleep at night I always give thanks. I be thinking of everyone I know who needs it and I have just added you and your husband to my list. I don't go to sleep for hours so you'll get lots of good thoughts sent your way. Good luck.
  3. nancymuth52

    I'm new here

    Charliehorse, Another problem I have is blurry vision. It comes and goes. I will try the humorous books when I can. Thanks.
  4. nancymuth52

    I'm new here

    Thanks, I will try to keep in touch and let you all know how I'm doing
  5. nancymuth52

    I'm new here

    Hi, I'm new here also. I live in Maryland and try to winter in Florida when possible. I have Systemic Scleroderma. I had chemo three years ago to stop the disease and it worked for six months. It stays active but not progressing as fast as before. I now have bladder problems because of the chemo. It keeps life interesting to see what will happen next. I could use a smile during the day as I can no longer work.