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  1. Hi Josephine, I'm so sorry to hear about all the miscarriages your daughter has experienced. I know exactly how she feels. If it wasn't for me seeing a fertility specialist I would have never known to be tested since I don't have any symptoms. It's hard to believe that doing something as easy as taking one baby aspirin a day can help prevent miscarriages according to my fertility doctor and rheumatologist. I also tested positive for something called an "MTHFR" gene mutation (which pretty much means my body doesn't produce the enzymes required to process Folic Acid, which is crucial while
  2. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and helpful information. It truly gives me hope that I'll be able to have a baby. We're hoping to conceive in January!!! My thoughts are with all of you. I'm grateful that there is a forum like this, as I was feeling pretty alone until today! Thank you sooo much.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm 30 years old and found out two weeks ago that I tested positive for ANA (with a titer of 1:1280) and tested positive for SCL 70 (3). I don't have any symptoms (other than cold hands - but it's winter) and the only reason I was tested was because I'm undergoing infertility treatment after having three miscarriages. My infertility doctor sent me to a rheumatologist for further investigation and he said he does not know if or how soon I will develop Scleroderma, but cautioned that my ANA titer was high. Has anyone else had a high positive ANA and tested positive for SCL-70 wit
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