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  1. fragiledancer2, Your problems remind me on my acid reflux problems I had few years ago caused by food sensitivity. For many years I had to take the highest dose of Controloc to decrease acid in mouth and a lot of Xanax to relax bronchospasms. When I stopped eating bread with yeast my acidity has stopped in less than a week. No medicines for that any more. No acidity, no bronchospasms. Hope you will soon find the cause of your acidity. Keep going. Erika
  2. Recently I have read a medical article about SS and morphea overlap in which the author says that this overlap is not a rare case as it was taught. According to the author it is more frequent in patients which have negative lab work. Here is the link of an article:- Systemic Scleroderma associated with Morphea Regards Erika
  3. Although I still do not have proper diagnosis (lab tests negative) my rheumatologist assumes that I have limited systemic (CREST). Additionaly, for 2 years I have a shiny itching part around my belly button which has started to collapse (small hole within the tissue 3-4 mm wide). Rheumy thinks this might be morphea. For me it would be a very favourable diagnosis because it would mean that there is a chance that I do not have difuse sclero. Regards and a wish for long hot summer. Erika
  4. 40 years ago my father had an bowel cancer surgery. His general practice doctor told him that he may have 3 more years to live. My father is now 93 years old and healthy as can be in this age. Do not always trust doctors prognoses. Erika
  5. Dear Girls, Thanks for visiting my topic and finding a time to answer. Of course I will go to optamologist but it may be after my rheumatologist since I won't be able to get appointment so soon. It is important to me that this eye problem seems not to be the case in sclero. May be also something else here. Susie, I am amazed that you have calculated my last eye exam! I would have to check twice to calculate that myself. I go home now. It is nice sunny day outside. Wishing pleasant evening to nearby sclerodermians and night, morning or afternoon to those further. Erika :emoticons-thankyou:
  6. Dear all, I am now in my third year of undiagnosed scleroderma symptoms (of which one and a half since skin changes started). My skin is still relatively stable for a year (changed shiny fingertips, bellybutton, piece of the upper mouth). I have developed starch sensitivity and my food choice is very limited. I can not tolerate pills which contain starch (most of them do). Joints are hurting variably, more or less with no recognizable pattern.I am sometimes on NSAIDs (according to the need). One month ago I have had strong headaches and have noticed that my eye focus is "running away". Difficult to describe. But it feels like something is disturbing the balance of my sight. I have noticed that mostly when I work on the computer or read something. Like there is something in my brain that doesn't want me to look further at that particular letters. I have to concentrate hard to continue reading and balance the focus again. The headaches are not so strong any more. In ten days I will go to my rheumatologist and I will raise this question. Of course I will have to see eye doctor. Meanwhile I would like to see if there are any similar experiences in sclero world. Could it be neuro issue caused by sclero? Or tiny blood vessels? Or just need for new glasses? Any advice? Ideas? Thank you. Regards. Erika
  7. Dear Miocean, If I were you I would try not to take antidepresives since they interfere with other drugs you are taking. Easy for me to say. But consider that you have been in such a stressfull situation during previous months (moving is one of the most stresfull situations in our lifes). If you have managed that without antidepresives (did you - I didn't catch the moment you stopped to take them) now when you are back home there is a chance that things will calm down. Especially when your health is so much better. I have been on Xanax high doses for few years because of the pressure in my chest (allergy, food intolerance etc.) and my doctor told me that there is no chance that I quit taking that and that I should go to "drug quitting section" in the hospital. They prescribe alternative drugs for taking of certain medicines. However when the situation with my chest improved I decided to quit antidepresive myself slowly decreasing the dose. It took me two years to stop completely. Maybe your quitting was too fast. Maybe a good relaxing massage might be benefitial. Also consider some relaxing therapy as Buttons and Amanda have sugested. Maybe some herbal calming tea. Wish you to calm down and to ask your husband to forgive and to help you. Erika
  8. erika

    The Flu

    Breathe easy nasal strips may help the congestion. Buy it in the pharmacy. Just stick it on your nose on the right place. It opens the soft nasal tissue. Erika
  9. Sometimes you have antibodies in your blood of the diseases which you did not have but you have been in contact with. For example I have antibodies of hepatitis B, which my father had 20 years ago, but I did not. It is like natural vaccine. The body builds it's defence itself. Therefore it is not always good to live isolated under a glass cover. Now with my autoimmunity at hyperactive level, I very seldom get any infection, but if I do I always get well much sooner than my family and colleagues. My body fights too good against everything. It fights even against harmless substances like pollen, food, my own thyroid functions. Therefore I have allergy, hyperthyroism, colagenosys... I would like to trade my own strong defence against viruses for a normal organism getting good old flu each winter. :emoticon-dont-know: Erika
  10. Miocean, compared to what you have been through already, hand surgery seems like peace of cake. Take care. :high-five: Erika
  11. Hi Miocean, Wooow! As you are progressing you will soon come to zero. Has the function of your hands improved too? Erika
  12. Congrats Miocean! :emoticons-yes: :emoticons-yes: :emoticons-yes: :emoticons-yes: :emoticons-yes: :emoticons-yes: Erika
  13. Dear Judyt, Jeannie, Joelf, Amanda and Shelley, I knew that I will find some similar experiences here and also that the answer will be quick and usefull. I am totally interested to find this low starch book and have sent Jeannie PM with a request to send it to me. I am under a frequent doctors supervision regarding food intolerance and I will let you know about doctors advice. Thanks a lot. Hugs. Erika
  14. Dear all, Allthough I am still not not on immunosuppressant (my rheumatologist advised not to take it yet) I have been reasonably well regarding sclero recently. My joints and muscles are better, skin is not progressing - it is even better, mouth shrinkage has reversed (the skin on mouth has peeled !). However, my food intolerance (or whatever this is) has worsened during the last 3 weeks. I have problems when I eat any of carbohydrates. Any flour (even without gluten) , pasta, rice and even banana makes my mouth extremely dry with white tongue and my stomach cramping and making noise. Also I feel sick and weak. This lasts 2 days and then stops if I eat only fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. There is no reflux, I feel like I have eaten a lot of chalk. Any experiences? Is this sclero or what? All the best Erika
  15. Hi Susie, Just one tip: it is very good for a diet to make green smoothies. These are mixed fruits (pear, pineapple, mango, apple, banana, strawberries etc.) with addition of green leaves (kale, spinach, lettuce etc.). Do it yourself. Without sugar of course. Keeps you not hungry and provides essential vitamins. There are books about this. Try to google recipies and experiences. You can take as much as you want but it is important to take it before lunch or dinner - not after! Best for breakfast and during the morning. I take fruits for breakfast and than smoothies. Fingers crossed for further sucess. Erika
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