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  1. My GI dialated mine, it was much worse for about a week after the procedure then it has been much better. It was done in March of this year. I hear some people go in almost weekly for it but with my health plan I couldn't afford that. I also take max dose of the PPI which seems to help. hope you find some relief soon.
  2. My gastroenterologist (GI) said it's not for me or anyone whose GERD is caused by an autoimmune disease - esophageal dysmotilty. But I don't have a hiatal hernia and maybe you don't have the esophageal problems that I have. The way he explained it in my case is that my esophagus doesn't push my food down in a coordinated way so sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. He said if we did the surgery it might be harder to get it down through the surgically repaired section, because they narrow it to keep food in the stomach. then food and bile can sit in the esophagus for longer times, causing more damage. If you have any form of systemic sclerosis (SSc) or any connective tissue autoimmune disease or (might have) and if the gastroenterologist isn't a specialist with those diseases, I'd get another opinion.
  3. I got a positive ANA test and a few odd symptoms, so I read all about it and braced myself, but as soon as I think I know what might be coming something else comes (sigh). I can't figure it out. I went for a 40 minute walk at noon yesterday and had a weird reaction after I got back to my desk. Like my whole insides was puffy, I was disoriented, my head felt puffy, I felt taller than I am - is that weird? Like I'm taking up more space than I really am. My right hand, which has given me some trouble in the last year, went numb and non responsive. I couldn't get it to type or roll the mouse, it took about an hour of concentrating to get it functional and it is still sluggish and painful. My left hand is a bit of the same but not as bad. I really just hid it until I went home and told Greg about it, he reminded me that sun exposure does this to me and I guess he's right but it just seems like such an odd reaction. I would expect a rash or something if you have sun exposure problems. So yes, I've felt this before, but not so dramatic as yesterday and never had my hand go 'dead' on me like that. Does anyone else have this reaction? Should I be worried? I see rheumatologist on three month cycle so my next appointment is May 5th (or thereabouts). This sounds like a head problem to me. Today I feel like I spent yesterday crying. My eyes and head are puffy feeling and I'm SO TIRED. Any idea about this?
  4. When I first was diagnosed (UCTD then) my vit D was super low - the Doctor prescribed 50,000 units weekly (was much cheaper than buying OTC) it made a WORLD of difference - take care
  5. Yeah! what a relief! Take care!
  6. HI Melanie - Hope the new team is getting the right treatment for you and you will be feeling better soon. Have you found anything to help with those swollen hands?
  7. My symptoms are some similar and some different, but I just wanted to say that plaquenil took five months to start working for me, though I almost gave up on it at three months. It is really helping now - especially joint pain and mouth and skin sores. My fingers swell up a bit and feel like a bee sting; the plaquenil hasn't affected this, I'm sorry to say. Hang in there -
  8. Have you seen this? Nail Abnormalities by Medline Plus (NIH)
  9. Oh, I'm not taking the bet - just mentioning possibilities, either way get it diagnosed is a solid idea. You're probably right about it - Ouch - he burns them off of your tongue - oh ew.
  10. I get these. They are either white, puss filled like a blister or red, blood filled. sometime both combined or one of each right next to each other. It is part of my autoimmune (AI) condition, it often is attributed to Lupus, Sjogren's, MCTD - not sure which others if any. In my case, Plaquenil has had a positive affect on reducing the occurrence and their severity - before treatment they used to last anywhere from one hour to two or more months.
  11. The best advice I got from this forum was to ask for copies of all those tests and also the doctor visits' report. It was quite enlightening. My diagnosis is like a pong game, in my file it ranges from UCTD, Lupus, Sjogren's, CREST and MCTD the latter is probably the best description for now. One doctor told me that the more varied and undefined the symptoms are the more likely it is to be a tolerable case. So though it's frustrating waiting for a diagnosis I think actually the longer the disease takes to define itself the slower it is progressing and that is a good thing. Hang in there, and good luck with the swallow test. Are you on any GERD meds?
  12. Thank you both for that. I was confiusing Silica with Silicone - I had read a lot before the surgery and thought it was all very safe, but then when you get something like this you question those kinds of things. Eos - when I had them done they never said I'd have to redo them, but I do see that recommendation now in the link that Jeannie sent. My girlfriend had them done in 1984 and never any problem either - I really don't feel like going through the trauma again, so I don't think I would do it unless I had a problem. No hardening. Take care.
  13. I have saline filled implants since 1987 - the shell is silicone plastic - should I have them removed? Any of you with experience or thoughts on this?
  14. I had a cough for six months, sounds much like yours, I went through pulmonary tests and was cleared, Seems like in my case it is related to GERD and when the doctor dilated my esophagus and doubled my proton pump inhibitor my cough all but cleared up. Now I just have the stupid through clearing and my voice is a little hoarse. Better get to the bottom of it for sure. Good luck, I will be thinking good thoughts for you.
  15. What I have is tiny spider vains on my cheeks and nose - is this related?
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