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    more delays

    hi everyone went for my treatment last week guess what spent three hours trying to get a canula in, skin that tight it did not happen got to have a hickman line insertion next week instead, something else to worry about. at least no more needles for a while.as anyone else had problems like this , does this get any better not been able to a thing now for six months
  2. Hi everyone, I'm starting my treatment this week after several delays due to lung tests. Hoping I will start to feel better. Hope it helps my skin as it is affecting me all over my body. I'm not sure how long treatment takes. Anyone know? Fingers crossed, moe
  3. moe


    Hi Amanda I am going for a lung function today and fingers crossed will be starting treatment next week. My consultant told me they will be starting me on cyclophosphamide probably by infusion as my symptoms are so aggresive hopfully this will slow down my skin hardening and help my breathing. Must add I was refered to Chapel Allerton four weeks ago and they were brilliant. moe
  4. moe


    hi everyone diagnosed in december with diffuse systemic scelo after only four mounths had lots of tests and will be starting treatment in the next week or two I have been told it will be fifteen weeks treatment and I am a little bit nervous its nice to find others to talk to as I can't get my head around it all yet moe (maureen)
  5. moe


    miocean, Thanks. I've tried lotions and medication, will try a vapourizer and will let you know. moe
  6. moe


    hi newly diagnosed early december with diffused sclero after only three months itching driving me mad can anyone help
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