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  1. What a scary experience. So glad you got treatment when you needed it. Keep us posted. Sending you all good healing thoughts, Gale
  2. The swelling is way down today. I guess I caught before it got too bad. Those roses are sneaky, I did not even know that I was pricked. My beautiful big rose bush will be even more appreciated this year. Thanks again for your timely and caring advice! Gale
  3. Thank you so much for the advice. I am watching it for any spreading. It does seem to be staying put and may even be receding some. I did wear thick garden gloves, but I may have gotten poked - those roses can be devious at times. I do not see any puncture wound, but did put some antibiotic cream on it. I will also try a cold compress. I have had a bout or two of celulitus, so I know that it can be dangerous. I'll keep a close eye on it. At least I can rest a little easier that it is not likely related to my autoimmune disease. Thanks again, Gale
  4. Hello all, Yesterday, I pruned my rose bush. In the past this was an annoying task, but not a big chore. This year, however, I had some trouble making the cuts and had to use my limb pruners more often, but I did get the job done :emoticons-yes: . However, about three hours later one of my knuckles became painful, red and swollen. Just one. Both hands feel stiff, but about the same as they have been lately. Today it seems as if the redness is spreading a bit. I'm wondering if others have had this experience? Gale
  5. Kathy, So sorry to hear about how quickly things may be progressing. That can not be good news to hear. I am adding my hugs to the others. :) Amanda, Sorry to hear you are facing uncertain time as well. It does seem like this disease is so unpredictable. The uncertainty can really get to you :sick2: . I do like Shelley's advice though. I will try to use it as well. Sincerely, Gale
  6. Hi Lynn My guess is that most of us do a body scan in the morning, thinking "How is everything today?" At least, I am hoping that is normal :unsure: . I usually start with my hands - stretching them, trying to get them moving as much as I can. I have had a couple of bouts of Iritis (inflammed iris), so my attention goes there next, "How's the eye today?" Anyway, I usually end up with my feet. I had alot of pain in my feet when things first started, but the Plaquenil seems to be helping with the aches. I agree with you, when you have pain when ever you move it is hard not to focus on it and stress about it. I have started to have trouble opening bottles and jars, so went on line looking for some assitive devices. There are a few that I might try out. Take care, Gale
  7. HI Lynnie. I am new too. I just got word that I have esophageal hypomotility, so it is looking more like CREST for me, rather than UCTD. I like your idea of heated gloves. This past week I really suffered, but decided to go ahead and wear my gloves at work. Everyone commented. I got one comment - Oh Cat in the hat. I guess with them being red and white stripes did call attention to it,but generally they were supportive. And it did really help. I really identify with being scared. I am really hoping for the CREST diagnosis rather then the more diffuse type. I do not go back to my Rheumatologist until 3/23 so will have to wait until then to know about my pulmonary exam. They have not tested my kidneys yet, but maybe the blood work did not indicate any problems. Anyway, welcome to the forum. I have found everyone very supportive. Gale
  8. Thanks for posting the pictures. My reaction was the same, well this is certainly a reality check. However, the picture of the elbow also confirmed that I am indeed getting several on my own. Miocean, Hope all goes well with your upcoming transplant. Sending some hugs your way. Gale
  9. I thought I had a pimple too!! Boy, am I glad I found this forum.
  10. Thanks all for your well wishes. I am afraid today. My hands were red and felt swollen, most of the day. To me they felt hot, but when I touched someone else they said my hands were cold. That was weird. Then I noticed that my legs are showing signs of vitiligo, until now it was only on my arms. And not only that they are all mottled, red and white and purple. Yikes! Theeennn, I went to the gym, even though I have not felt like doing much of anything. I am trying... Anyway I went to the mirror when I was changing and noticed some changes in the texture of the skin on my sides. It is hard to describe. The skin is kind of puckery in bands about three inches across and an inch and a half high. The texture is definitely different. I flipped out a bit after that. I almost went home for a good cry, but then thought - what can you do about it - nothing. So I just went out and walked on the treadmill, telling myself, I need to try to do the healthy things. I mean really, there is not much I can do but go to my appointments, take my meds, eat right, sleep as well as I can (that is not going well) and get some exercise. But again, maybe it is just normal changes in my skin - I am getting older 52 ugh. Initially I was ready to just write off all my symptoms to perimenopause. That was before the lab work came back. It's scary to just all of a sudden find something like that. Can it really happen that quickly? Did I just miss it before? And maybe it is really nothing? I will be going to my general practitioner this week (so I might find out about the barium swallow (yuck!) and the pulmonary tests), the opthamologist next week (are others who are taking Plaquenil getting their vision checked regularly?) and the rheumatologist the week after that. I'm having trouble concentrating at work. Go figure. Luckily I have a really good job that I enjoy. I get to help people, which takes my focus off me while I am there. There are some really caring people that work there as well. Thanks again for the support. Oh, I forgot to answer about the GERD meds. I have not had any noticeable symptoms that I would call heartburn, just a tightness and pulling in my upper chest when I swallow. I took some for about two weeks, but it did not seem to effect me one way or another. I was only given some samples from my general practitioner and it said to only take them for 14 days, so when I ran out I just stopped. I will ask her about it when I see her. Thanks for asking.
  11. I have had trouble with using those pads as well. I always thought it was because I didn't know what I was doing. Has anyone tried using the pad while wearing wool gloves? That may not work, but I am curious because I have been wearing gloves more often.
  12. Thanks for the laugh. You both are good role models for being able to see the humor in our embarassing life moments.
  13. I live in upstate NY. We got about a foot this time. This winter has been easy compared with some years. Sorry for the folks further south, who really got hammered this year. Hopefully spring is just around the corner. The male cardinals are starting their singing! That is always a sign that spring will actually arrive someday soon.
  14. Lil Dee, I'm with you about the snoozing early. I was not a night owl to begin with, but come on, falling asleep at 6 PM is just too much! Luckily I do not have a family to take care of and my dogs just cuddle up with me.
  15. Thanks Shelley. I'll check out the site. I have found the information on the site to be very helpful. Some of the questions I have are about what I might watch out for and what is just normal stuff that I can say okay, that is not part of any developing symptom. The information and pictures show full blown very definite symptoms, but I have found very little information on how these things present initially. For example, (I know this may be minor, but when it happens I wonder), anyway, my hands have been red and reactive to cold. I know that is the Raynaud's, but my little finger has a deep down itch. Not sure how to explain it. It is like there is something there irritating it, but I don't see anything. I rub it for a while and then it usually goes away. Now is that something that may develop (maybe early indication of calcinosis?) or is it just an itch? These are the kind of things I have been dealing with. Am I over reacting, focusing too much on my body and looking for symptoms that are not really there? Or are my concerns valid precursors to something else? Another example, when I was developing the vitiligo. I thought oh this is just scars that are not tanning and almost did not mention it to my doctor. When I did, she said that it is vitiligo, that is another sign of autoimmune disease. So it is hard to tell, what is important and what is not. Have others had these types of questions? I do feel somewhat better knowing that what I was feeling was related to some type of autoimmune disease. Also from what I understand, that these diffuse symptoms often indicate that I will not likely develop serious, life-threatening symptoms. So that is good, but I also want to know how others have experienced their early symptoms, that they might have dismissed until it was raging. Thanks for being here to share your journey. It's like you all are breaking ground for me, making it easier for me to navigate this disease path.
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