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  1. Hi, and I'm sorry that you're in so much pain. I can relate to it , because I am just going through this with my feet. I had a stress fracture in my right foot and when they x'ray'd my feet they also found out that I have severe arthritis in both of my great toe joints.This explains why they have been super painful and stiff.The jointspace is completely gone in both joints. My podiatrist says there is not alot I can do except for taking anti Inflammatories which I can't have because of kidney disease.The other options are surgery( insurance won't pay for it unless I am in excruciating pain......).The other suggestion was prescription orthotics which I am getting once the cast is off my right foot. I would see a podiatrist and see what he says.I don't know if the arthritis in my feet is related to auto immune disease or not. Good luck, I hope they can fix this one for you.
  2. Yes. I am in the union and I will address the issue with them as there are other issues there that are against union regulations (they have made similar accommodations with the exact new employeee I mentioned, when she twisted her ankle waterskiing on her vacation right after her hire and was then allowed to do only office work for 4 weeks which they provided for her and other stuff as well).Right now another co-worker and I are gathering the hard facts and documentation rather than speculations and rumors about the other issues. Once we have those I will file an official grievance with my union.
  3. I called my supervisor to let her know that I would gladly work in their pre admit call office where all I'd have to do is to answer phones and light office work. Right now they have an on-call person who's a brand new employee working there 5 hours every day.I am a full time employee with 12 years with the company.You'd think they should cancel the on call person and let me work there,but.......... she told me that since it's not a work injury, they are not required to acommodate my needs........I'll have to take unpaid FMLA :angry: This is a company who takes pride in their compassionate patient care. I guess that compassion ends when it comes to employees' needs.......
  4. Soooooo...my foot was getting worse and I made an appointment with a Podiatrist. Turns out I have a stress fracture. My big toe joint is completely destroyed from osteoarthritis and will require surgery, my other foot is not far behind. I'll have to be in a cast for 6 weeks which means I can't work my regular job and since I don't have enough vacation/sicktime because I've used it all for various dr's visits and stuff I'll have to take unpaid time off. And since my feet ate in such bad shape I shouldn't continue to do a job that requires 10 hours of walking. This is bad... :emoticon-crying-kleenex:
  5. I get a "Butterfly look" red rash on my face at times. My doctor says that usually people with Lupus get those, but I didn't test positive for that. He doesn't know why I get it. My husband thinks it's cute and he calls me his little ST.Pauli girl ( like on the German beer)
  6. I have tiny whitish scars that run across my forearms looking like thin white lines.It does look a little like ripples.Not sure if they are related to scleroderma or not.I just developed them in the past month.
  7. Arrrgh! So a little while back I had the patch of inflamed skin on my scalp and it finally disappeared. YEAH. But now, out of the blue, I developed a large inflamed area on my right foot. The top of my foot and the toes are discolored, there is nerve involvement because I have tingling and numbness at times. My foot hurts like crazy when I walk on it. I went to the doctor and she took an x-ray which looked okay, so she thinks the inflammation is due to my autoimmune (so far no one had actually given a firm diagnosis of which one it may be) disease. She gave me a cortisone shot and I was on Prednisone for a few days. Anyone else ever had similar things happen to them? I do have positive ANA and SCL-70 blood tests.
  8. Yesterday I went to my nephrologist to review a kidney CT and some other stuff. My blood values have improved :) The GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is back to 36 which is better than the 30 last time. Everything else is stable. She said that the CT showed a large irregular shaped left kidney with a lot of scar tissue. No stones or blockages.There are some tiny remnants of my other kidney which look sclerotized. When I asked her what happened to my tiny kidney she didn't know or didn't say. She doesn't think the painful spot on my scalp was anything to worry about, probably just some ingrown hair causing inflammation. There are now some areas where my skin has patches that seem a little thicker than the rest of the facial skin so my forehead now looks a little bumpy.It's not very bad and I have it covered with bangs.Though there still is an indentation in the bone it doesn't look as pronounced as the coup de sabre pictures I have seen. I am having a lot of problems with pain in my feet and I noticed that the tip of some of my toes often look purple.Even when I wear slippers and nothing could be putting pressure on it.They are always cold and so are my hands.Even it 50 + degree weather. And, I also went for an eye exam and they took pics of the insides of the eyes. The pic showed scar tissue in one eye and weird white bumps on the bottom of both eyes which almost look like tiny calcium deposits. Has anyone ever heard of anything like that?
  9. Greetings, Thanks for all your input and responses.By today, my scalp issue has resolved to just a slight indentation and light discoloration of the skin.The pain is gone.I know I deserve getting chewed out for taking the Ibuprofen and I am usually very careful and don't take it or anything else I am not supposed to.But it hurt and I had to work 10 hours and Ibuprofen was the only thing that actually helped. Unfortunately Tylenol doesn't work for me at all. I had a CT scan of the kidney yesterday and I have an appointment with my kidney doctor on the 27th and I will talk to her about the scalp thing and see what she thinks about it.She knows that I have been seeing the rheumatologist because of my positive ANA and SCL-70 but she thinks that I don't have scleroderma or any other autoimmune problem (he doesn't think so either because my hands look okay).He just wants me to come in every 6 months to repeat the blood tests to see if they change. She thinks the changes in my only kidney are from hypertension. I did seem to have a Raynaud's attack awhile back but it wasn't on my hands but instead I had my feet turn completely white and numb when I was pressure washing my deck and they were exposed to the very cold water. Another thing I noticed that for at least the last 6 months I have been having this dry cough that's not going away.I thought it was from the Lisinopril I take for my hypertension, but read in another post that it could have something to do with lung involvement. Which reminds me about 8 years ago I had to go for a lung scan because I was having breathing problems and they told me that it showed vertical lines in my lungs which I thought was because of a bad x ray film and the doctor never followed up on this. I also have horrible heart burn most of the time and I have to cough a lot after I eat like as if I am not swallowing my food right.I have mentioned this to my rheumatologist before but he was only interested in what my hands looked like . He did a test for inflammatory markers and said that they were all fine which I thought was weird because just a week or so before I saw him I had a horrible gout attack in my toe and it was so inflamed that I couldn't bear for the bedsheets to touch it. I'll let you know if I find more answers after my doctors visit. Thanks you again and until next time, good thoughts and strength to all
  10. Hi,I haven't been in lately. We've been busy working on the house and I have hardly had time to go online.I am working the 10 hour shifts and after work I am so exhausted that I don't have energy to even go on the computer.I have been trying to find a different job with shorter days but there isn't anyhting out there right now.On the days off I have so much work to catch up on around the house because I never get anything done after work. I haven't thought much about scleroderma and I haven't been back to see my Rheumatologist in quite some time. I've been to the kidney doctor a lot, because of my renal issues.The past couple weeks I've been having this really painful spot on my scalp by the left temple. It was swollen and hurt if I touched it.It kind of felt like someone was pulling my hair all the time. really tight, and felt like my skin was somehow stuck to the skull bone. I put different medicated creams that I had on it and some anti-inflammatory pain killer even though I'm not supposed to because my kidney. It finally stopped hurting but now I have an elongated indentation by the spot and it feels like a ridge on my skull and it seems to extend towards my left eyebrow. I still have a feeling of tightness there.The skin looks a little lighter than the rest. I've also had a few hard bumps under the skin on my hands and I have one on my face. Some of them went away after a while and the one that opened up had whitish stuff in it, kind of looked like chalk and looked like some sort of ulcer. Now I am wondering if this may have something to do with Scleroderma? I have positive ANA and positive SCL-70 every time I get tested. Has something like this happened to anyone here or can anyone give me advice what I should do? Should I wait to see how it develops or should I go to the doctor?I hate going to the doctor, because I always kind of feel like a hypochondriac too, because it seems I am always there for one thing or another.
  11. Hi, While I used to have super thick and curly hair, as of lately I seem to be losing quite a bit and it' s getting thinner , straighter and more brittle. I do color my hair . I've had really good results with some natural products. I like henna shampoos and conditioners and I will be trying out a tea tree version.
  12. Thanks, My doctors know about the kidney disease. My kidney doctor actually prescribed Prednisone for me before because I have problems with inflamed joints that she says are Gout which is something many kidney patients deal with. I have the Prednisone here for the mouth sores but I have only taken them one time and since they didn't do all that much, I haven't taken them again and just have them on standby for when it gets really bad. I already switched toothpastes and toothbrushes and between eating a renal and a gout diet there isn't a whole lot left you can eat ... :wacko: I have tried some herbal tablets for cold sores before (you have to try to stick them on top of the sore and then they slowly melt there) and they did help. It's a bit of a challenge to get them to adhere depending on where the the sore is and I thought they are not cheap- it was something like 9 dollars for 8 of them. They are over the counter at the local drugstore.
  13. I am sorry you are having these problems and I can somewhat relate. I've been having problems with tongue sores on and off for over a year now. They kind of look like cold sores and also the whole area around on my tongue looks very red and inflamed . My regular doctor says that they can be caused by a illness, a lack of sleep and stress in general. She gave me a bunch of Prednisone( 3 one day, 2 the next etc) to take for a flare up but that didn't really seem to help all that much. It still took over a week for them to subside and they always come back soon after that. The Rheumatologist said that patients with Lupus get them but since I didn't show positive tests for Lupus it can't be "that". And he didn't think they had anything to do with Scleroderma( I have a pos SCL-70 ). I asked him what he recommends for pain relief to his Lupus patients because the sores really hurt when I try to eat or if they rub on my teeth and he had nothing to say except that maybe I should go see an Ear,Nose and Throat doctor. I have considered changing doctors because he doesn't have much to say in general and I am not convinced he is all that informed about stuff. He doesn't think I have Scleroderma because I don't have thick skin on my hands and that-according to him- is something all people with Scleroderma should have first. I've tried oral gels and sprays for the mouth sores and while these work short term, it doesn't last long so I usually used it a few minutes before I eat something. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything that provided longer pain relief?I can't take Anti Inflamatories because I have Kidney disease. Thanks!
  14. hi again and thanks for all the replies. I am currently seeing a Rheumatologist and he seems rather puzzled by it all. He says that I have some symptoms- but not the typical ones,like thick,stiff skin. In the meantime I am keeping active, as much as I can, I get on the treadmill several times a week and walk if nothing else because I think it's good to keep your circulation going, no matter if you are healthy or have an illness. I try to keep positive and think good thoughts. I started getting a weird bump on my middle thumb joint, it is kind of painful when I try to straighten the thumb. It looks like rheumatoid arthritis. I will be making another appointment with the Rheumatologist this month and I have to see my kidney specialist to check up on that one. Have been very tired,it's been difficult to keep on task with stuff. I'll be checking the links you provided and THANK YOU and a pleasure to meet everyone! I'll keep you posted on what happens and let you know a little more about me . Hella
  15. Hi, I found this forum while researching false positives on the positive ANA/SCL-70. That's what happened to me.I've seen a doctor a few times and each time I get a higher value on the SCL-70 test. He says he doesn't think that I have Scleroderma but can't say I don't have it. I have some symptoms like kidney problems, Heart problems, Heartburn, fatigue and a generalized skin rash but no ulcers on fingers nor do my fingers turn blue.They get very painful at times and are very sensitive to the cold and turn a dark red color.I have ulcers on my tongue and they hurt when I eat. So I have this and that and I am beginning to feel like a Hypochondriac because something is wrong with me and I don't know what. I am hoping to become more educated on this and to meet others like myself.
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