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  1. Hi, I'm Angie and suffering from this horrible condition for the last 15years. My life nowadays is becoming unbearable. I am not and never have been a vain person, but I just look so bad and just wish I looked NORMAL. I feel I'm turning into a recluse as its less painful to go out and be seen, as people stare, laugh and point at me. This cuts me up. I am only 42 and for the past 5years it has been so obvious Im sick just by looking at my face. My top lip has all but disappeared and my skin is nearly totally covered in the red rash. These things aren't painful physically but affect my life the most. The pain I endure is mainly in my hands and chest. My hands are unbearably painful, I have some fingers so tight they no longer bend and some just curled over. Presently I have ulcers under my nails and they make me cry as they are so painful. Anyway this is just a little of my condition. I don't take any meds anymore as they don't help me. I recently had a course of 6hrs a day for 5 days of Illoprost infusion which didn't help me either. I'm originally from England but now live In Mexico with my husband James. Right now I feel my life stinks big time and Im feeling really down today! Maybe I feel a little better getting this off my chest. If there's anyone there...Thanks for listening...(or reading) to me.
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