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  1. Thank you first off for your response :happy1-by-lisa-volz:. Yes, I have tried many vasodilators to no avail and the side effect were lets just say not pleasant. I have a very severe case of Raynaud's we're looking to the digital sympathectomy as a last option. The only thing that worked extremely well was infusions of Flolan or also commonly knows as Iloprost. But for that treatment I have to be hospitalized for days. So that is why I am looking at one last option hyperbaric treatments and was wondering if anyone else tried these treatments and what their outcome was.
  2. Has any one contemplating or had a digital sympathecomy ever thought of trying hyperbaric treatments? Many have suggested I try hyperbaric treatments first, but can it really work? From what I have gathered my veins need to be stripped of the the fiber/collogen whatever is binding the vein to restrict the blood flow, without that how can blood properly flow? and if there is a quote un quote plumbing issue can hyperbaric work?
  3. I am contemplating a digital sympathectomy for the ones who have had this surgery done can you recomend a specialist for this?
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