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  1. I have VERY painful thumb and inger tips where the chalky calcification points are appearing on the surface. The pain and itching :o are driving me CRAZY! In the past I've used raw cucumber to help relieve the pain, but that doesn't seem to work any longer. Anyone have suggestions or recommendations?! Thank You for your kind help and considerations . Dermatologists and doctors here in Portland, Oregon are very little help so far.
  2. I'm having a major surgery in a few weeks to remove a growing calcinosis mass in my hip/pelvis area. Of course, I have scleroderma. After the surgery to remove the mass, they will insert a negative pressure sponge for drainge and to stimulate the regrowth of tissue from the excised region. Then they sew me up and wait for 3-4 days. At that time, they will reopen the area to check whether the tissue is healthy and on its way to a successful healing. I am a bit concerned that they have to leave the sponge pack in me and then reopen me so soon after the main surgery. Has anyone
  3. Shirley: Thank you (and the others) so much for responding. I feel lucky to have found this forum that has some folks with real experience. Sorry to hear that you have so much problems with calcinosis, and yes, that's the term they used with my condition. I'm very concerned that I have the right doctor for the surgery. Any ideas about how to know I have the right one? Is the one you mentioned in your state a good one to contact, or can you suggest anyone with good calcinosis & scleroderma experience? I also have Thalassemia minor blood condition, which is a complicating factor. As
  4. Along with other scleroderma complications, I have unfortunately developed a dangerous calcinoid mass in my buttocks that continues to grow at a rapid pace. My orthopedic oncologist says it requires a "very risky" surgery to remove, risky because the mass is very close to and threatening major arteries. This would require several follow-up surgeries to make sure they remove every bit of the mass. My rheumatologist, a scleroderma specialist, agrees that surgery is the only way to remove the growing calcinoid mass. Has anyone had this type of condition, and can offer any insight or advi
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