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  1. Had a LFT about 2 months ago and it was LF was down on last time. General practitioner has asked for urgent referral to Lung doctor as I have been quite breathless as well.
  2. Hi there, Since starting Methotrexate 8 weeks ago my C-reactive protein (CRP) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) levels have been rising. They are now doubled and CRP is now 85. My general practitioner and rheumatologist have both phoned me about it. I am having another blood test tomorrow and then rheumatologist will decide whether or not I stay on it. I was quite surprised when I heard how high it was as joint pain has eased a lot in the last month. I have developed a cough that I can't get rid of and my fatigue has increased. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  3. Just an update on my saliva glands and Sjogrens. Infections (usually in parotid glands) have settled down. I still get the odd one though. Under the care of Maxillo Facial and Eye Hospital to manage the symptoms.
  4. Recently went to see general practitioner because I had been experiencing breathlessness and more fatigued than ever. At first I had this when I walked upstairs and I put it down to deconditioning but when I started to feel breathless when I was sitting down or talking, I thought I'd better get it checked out. Was sent for an xray and results of that showed some thickening of lung tissue at the base of each lung. Now have an appointment for a CT scan of my lungs. I am also having a liver ultra sound on same afternoon (18 March) as blood tests showed some elevated liver results. Tiny bit anemic
  5. Just an update on my mouth problems. Having problems with repeated infection in my Parotid saliva glands,throat infections and oral thrush. I have an ultrasound tomorrow on my neck so I'm hoping it can tell me what is going on. I feel that secondary Sjogrens symptoms have increased-now I have to use artificial tears several times a day and my skin has got much much drier.
  6. Well, my appointment really was a waste of time for the cardiologist and for me! None of the results from my 24 hour ECG or echocardiogram were back for him to make any kind of diagnoses.It felt quite frustrating really as they called me at short notice. So my general practitioner is chasing these results. I'm feeling quite poorly so I hope they have the results soon.
  7. Thankyou all for your replies. I got a call from Cardiology yesterday asking to see me this afternoon. I am hoping they can make me feel a bit better than I do now. I will let you know I get on. Take care.
  8. I have recently been diagnosed with Right Bundle Branch Block. I had 24 hour ECG (Holter monitoring) a few days ago and then an echocardiogram the next day. I'm waiting to hear if they need to treat this. I've been feeling lightheaded, and my fatigue has been at it's worst recently. Has anyone else had this? Did it need treatment?
  9. Hi ,just an update on this post. I had my right submandibular gland taken out in December 2010 and I had my left one out in July 2011. When they did a biopsy on the last gland they said that I had secondary Sjogren's (I still can't say Sjogren's properly!) The Maxillo Facial department wants to keep an eye on me as all my saliva glands were inflamed at my last appointment.
  10. Hi,just an update on my saliva gland. I do need the other submandular saliva gland removed.This will be sometime in August hopefully.I am having more problems with this one as it regularly gets infected and causes me alot of pain so I'll be glad to get rid of this one! take care
  11. Hi,Just an update on my facial rash and dryness Facial rash has cleared up almost completley.I use a lanolin free cream many times a day as my skin does dry out but I carry the tube with me and apply whenever I can.I took low dose antibiotics for a month and that helped alot to clear up the initial rash.Very dry skin affects my body now as well.
  12. Thank you ladies for the advice; all very good and made me laugh Jeannie! Trial and error I think until I find something that helps me. I do use a foundation to cover up as I get quite self conscious; try to do without it though when I am indoors so as to give my skin a rest. Will keep you posted on progress :) I'm gonna blame Sclero for all this as she deserves it!
  13. Hi, Saw general practitioner today and she has prescibed a Lanolin free moisturiser and a long term course of low strength anti biotics to clear up the spots and keep them at bay. She felt sure that the itching and the redness were to do with severely dry skin and also that maybe my skin is quite sensitive and really doesn't like anything with Lanolin in; interesting as my sister is allergic to Lanolin. General practitioner doesn't want to refer me yet to a Dermatologist as she would like me to try this approach first. She is unsure if this is Sclero related but you're right to say that it
  14. Hi Amanda, I don't think the spots are telangiectasia as they are raised and it looks like acne but not as severe. It is also quite itchy but maybe that is do do with the dryness? You are right though that some things we are self conscious about other people don't seem to notice. I think really it's about how it can make you feel about yourself. Going back to the general practitioner this morning. I will ask to be referred to a Dermatologist though. Take care
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