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  1. I don't know if any of you have ever read this story, but it is really good. And I also believe it is a good way of explaining what its like to live with an autoimmune disorder. But You Don't Look Sick: The Spoon Theory
  2. Well, I have hit one wall...I got really stressed a couple of days ago and I smoked 2 that day, but I have gone back on the gum and havn't had anymore slips...I still think I am doing good, 2 in a month isn't bad. I felt really bad for slipping and it also made me really sick, so I don't think I will be doing it anymore. I am also starting to have really bad heartburn, and the usual antacids aren't stopping it anymore, so my RA doctor has me taking some over the counter acid blockers, but other than that I am doing really good. Thanks to everyone on here for checking on me and worrying about m
  3. Hi all. So the party was a success, even though I had to move it from Saturday to Sunday because of rain. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks of no smoking, so hooray for me. :emoticons-yes: I finally got to go to my rheumatologist today after 2 years of not seeing him and not having my meds. He said every thing is looking great, my rheumatoid arthritis (RA) was flaring a little, but he said my Scleroderma was still only mild. He listened to my lungs and said they sounded great and so did my heart, so he is only going to order some baseline tests for me in the next couple of months. They started me o
  4. :D Thank you guys for the support. Shelley, I do believe today makes 2 weeks and 1 day of no smoking. I still get the urge to smoke here and there, especially after eating and when my hubby smokes. He has limited his smoking around me, though. He works all day, and when he gets home, he will have one after dinner and one before bed, and any others he will go outside for, so he is trying to help, but he doesn't know that I plan on starting on him about quitting here pretty soon. :) I still need the gum to help sometimes, like when I'm stressed or after eating, but I am only using 2 to
  5. Thanks for the link ^_^ . Today makes 1 week and 5 days without smoking...It has been kickin my butt, but I am getting there, it keeps getting easier with each day, and I have been using the gum for extra help, down to 2 pieces a day, so I am hoping that by the middle of July, I should have it kicked for good. I called my RA doctor the other day to ask him some questions about my charts and blood work from 2 years ago, and even though they had always focused on my RA, (thats all I thought I had for all these years), I actually have something called mixed connective tissue disorder, being a coc
  6. Thank you all for replying. It all makes me feel a lot better. Today I am getting ready to throw a birthday party for my 9 year old daughter, and I am not going to let the stress and depression of all this get to me today, it tried this morning, but I am trying my hardest to ignore it. I am having some shortness of breath right now, but I do believe that is because I have worked myself into another anxiety attack, because it is very easy to take a good, deep cleansing breath at any time during this attack, plus I am in the process of quitting smoking, so I have been coughing a lot the pas
  7. I'm 26, and when I was 14 I had some bumps on my hips biopsied and removed, they came back as Tumoral Calcinosis. Now when this all came back, the doctor reassured me and my mom that I didn't have cancer and that I was fine, never said the Calcinosis could be linked to anything else. Fast forward to me at 16, all of my fingers on both hands except my thumbs are starting to bend toward my palm and I have severe pain and my fingers get cold and turn white when I'm cold. This scared me and my mom so we go to a general practitioner who does a lot of blood work and it comes back with me having
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