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    Hello Everyone, I'm one of the researchers working on this project and thought it might be useful to give you a bit more information about the work we’re doing. The research blog mentioned above has been up and running for a few weeks now and contributors have been very generous in sharing their personal experiences with us. Given that the principal focus of the work is SLE, most of the contributors on the blog do have lupus, but many have also experienced a range of diagnoses before arriving at that particular one. We’re also aware that there’s lots of overlap between the various autoimmune conditions, so are very keen to also hear from people who may have scleroderma, Hughes syndrome, Sjogren’s etc. One of our principal aims is to explore patients’ experiences of autoimmune conditions (something that has received little attention in the academic and medical communities, at least) and to ensure that the voice of those with these conditions is recognized and heard. We are hoping to share the results of our work widely, informing service users and both the academic and medical communities of our findings. Please feel free to visit the blog and find out what’s going on there – we hope that you will feel able to contribute. If anyone would like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask. Very best wishes, Liz Price.