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  1. Hi All, I am new to this forum. I happened upon it and am very happy that I did! I was recently diagnosed and figure I have had symptoms for about 4 years but no one had put the pieces together. Recently, I have been having almost continuous Raynaud's, though the weather is warm, so I am obviously worried about my extremities. So far my internal organs seem to be okay (heart and lungs) though I have GERD and GI problems. MY specialist has said I could easily continue in this condition for some time (or, I could deteriorate in a year; no way to tell). It is, frankly, hard to live with so many question marks. Do you all find it the same? I guess I have a couple of questions to throw out: 1. How have you been diagnosed with either limited/CREST or diffuse/systemic? Has this only been with the symptoms as they have presented? (Is it just wait and see? I am seeing a specialist and this is what I am being told, but it is really hard to believe that, in 2010, there is no way to diagnose more specifically or predict!) 2. Are any of you women single and dating? I am 56 and reasonably attractive (so far) and hope to not spend the rest of my life alone. I fear that no one will want anything to do with me with this disease! It would be hard enough to wrap my head around if I had someone's support, but I am quite alone in the world. Thoughts? It is wonderful to be able to even ASK. No one has any idea what this disease IS, let alone what a terrifying place it is to be when presented with the news. Thanks to all of you out there. I don't even know you, but it helps to be able to write and ask! Through tears, but with a smile! Wendy
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