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  1. I read somewhere about this and had my rheumatologist test me....mine were normal. I hope it helps you feel better Vegan.
  2. As if my vaginal dryness post wasn't enough, now I'm going to ask about more personal parts. I've used Miralax twice now...one time last month and one time this week. I've been mixing it with juice and taking the full dose in the evening. Last dose was Tuesday evening, finally had two very small BM's yesterday. This happened last month when I took it too....it was at least 3 days later before it worked, and then it's just small bits. Should I keep taking it every night until I have a BM? Or is this how it should work? I certainly don't want to take too much and have the opposite problem, but I'm miserable.
  3. I got a letter today that said there were no cancerous cells in the biopsy of my throat and the stomach biopsy was negative for H. pylori. I have an appt. in 2 weeks for a follow-up with the gastro. One of my main questions, now that those are negative, is how do we know if the esophagitis/gastritis is autoimmune or if it's just from meds/stress? He mentioned a motility test and a ph test (I think that is what he said...something about putting tube down your nose :blink: .) when he was going over my results in recovery after the endoscopy. Would those tests tell us or is that something totally different? Some good news is that I haven't choked on anything since he dialated my esophagus! :P
  4. I believe the pattern can vary just as the ANA can. Mine started off homogenous, now it's speckled. Also, you can have more than one pattern show up. I don't think it has anything to do with progression.
  5. I've never had it, but I've heard shingles is terribly painful. You poor thing! I'm glad you got treatment so fast, hopefully you will be feeling better soon. Congrats on the new grandbaby!
  6. I had my endoscopy on Tuesday. They found gastritis & esophagitis. He said they took several biopsies and stretched my esophagus. I should get the biopsy results next week. Does this sound like the typical stuff? He said the most likely cause would be reflux. I've been on Prevacid (30mgs) for several months and was on Prilosec before that. Also, and I don't mean to scare anyone, but I WOKE UP during the procedure. Not a foggy/unconscious wake up, I mean FULLY aware waking up in shear panic and gagging. :( The inside of my bottom lip is all purple/red and swollen. I'm not sure how I did that. I also have a place on my tongue. The nurse was telling me "It's okay sweetie, it's almost over." Then finally the doctor told her to give me more meds and I was out again. I'm still not able to eat solid food because my throat is raw and sore, I'm sure from fighting the tube. They gave me Versed & Darvacet. I was back awake as soon as I was wheeled into recovery and dressed and ready to leave within 15 minutes. I was hoping to get a good nap in, but I still couldn't get back to sleep! I am going to tell them to make note on my chart of what happened so next time they can give me more drugs!
  7. My liver enzymes go up and down too, but I'm also on methotrexate (we are assuming that is the culprit). As long as they come back down my rheumatologist doesn't get too worked up over it. We just have to keep a close eye on my bloodwork and do it more frequently. Hopefully, your's will come back down too. Take care and let us know how the next round of labs go.
  8. Thanks for the pats. :) I'll update after the procedure. kdnole, I'm sorry your wife has to go through that.
  9. Had my first visit with the Gastro today and he wants to do an endoscopy on Tuesday. :blink: From past posts, it's nothing to worry about......but I still am a little freaked out at something being put down my throat. :P He said they would do biopsies and stretch my esophagus (because of choking and difficulty swallowing). I'm still having reflux on Prevacid so he wants to check things out. The good news is that he didn't feel a colonoscopy was necessary at this time. So pat me on the head and tell me everything will be just fine and I won't remember a thing. :D
  10. I'm sorry you are still not feeling well. Mine is at 3.52 right now (same value scale as yours), and I'm on Methotrexate. It seems like it was around 12 before I started MTX. I would definitely call your rheumatologist, he may want to change some things short term to see if he can get you out of this. In the meantime, take care of yourself!
  11. I think it varies more often than not. Mine has been positive (speckled pattern) and negative over the last couple of years. The Scl-70 has stayed positive even though my ANA was negative last time. Go figure!
  12. Sharon, it could be meds or maybe something like not drinking enough water. I hope you feel better soon. I just bought some Miralax tonight. I only took half a dose. :P I was a little afraid of what it might do. How long does it usually take to work? It seems when I'm stressed things stop moving as they should. I also get incredibly bloated.
  13. Thank you Janey! Very interesting. I can mark that question off my ongoing list of curiosities. :P Frankly, it doesn't surprise me that it can fluctuate....it seems nothing regarding autoimmune disease is concrete! I hope your appt. went well.
  14. Once you test positive for this, can it go away? I know that the ANA can be positive and negative at varying times. Is the Scl-70 the same way or once you have it, you have it? I was negative when my symptoms first started. Then 6 months later it was positive and has been since.
  15. I use a toothpaste & mouthwash that I would be glad to share the name with you if you want to send me a PM. I didn't notice a big difference at first, but now I can tell it has really helped. I also keep water with me all the time, especially at night by the bed. I've also read that sucking on sugarless candies will help. I haven't tried that though. I'm not big on candy. I suspect my problem is Sjogrens, not medication side effects. Have you looked into that?
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