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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for all your messages really means a lot that you all understand what I am going through. Never thought life was going to get as tough as it has but hopefully soon things will start picking up Chris
  2. Hi guys, sorry not been around much since end of last year; I've had a terrible time since then. The Morphea had seemed to settle down after work decided I was too ill to go back. In the meantime my wife decided instead of being with her husband it was better to have a number of affairs instead, which as you can imagine has been pretty tough to handle as I have 2 little ones which I only get to see every other weekend, plus having to move back in with my folks as having nowhere to go and no income. I had started university in September in the hope I could focus on something and get my
  3. Well :emoticons-yes: it went very very well with my employers they have agreed there is no way I can come back to work :emoticons-yes: and they are sorting me out a package so as you might guess I was mighty relieved yesterday. Must admit I was really stressed out up to the meeting and didn't sleep at all the night before. Oh happy happy days :happy-day: :happy-day: Thanks you guys for all your love and support Chris
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice. I have been to the CAB about financial matters since I have been off (7 months now) and the guy we have seen is a ex general practitioner so knows all about my condition and has been very supportive. My boss is contacting me before the meeting to let me know what the brief of the meeting will be so I can be prepared for what rubbish they are going to chuck at me and will have another family member here as well for support. I will let you guys know the outcome Chris xxx
  5. Just to bring you guys up to date; I have a visit from 2 managers next Thursday to discuss my future :closedeyes: so hopefully things will get sorted. They did want me to drive to work which is a round trip of 120 miles, which I declined as I find that I can't drive for longer than 10 miles before I get into a lot of discomfort. Will keep you posted Chris xx
  6. Hi Lizzy, That's good news about the appointment I had a call today to say mine isn't until January as well, at least it's in the system. Take care. chris xxx
  7. Hi Joelf, Thank you for your kind words must admit it is very stressful at the moment waiting on my employers. :temper-tantrum: Hopefully they will sort it soon as they have given me a deadline of the 8th December that they will stop paying me SSP and they won't keep my job open any longer. When they had their meeting about me last Friday I was promised they would write to me to bring me up to date on the situation still waiting for this letter to turn up!! Thanks again guys for your thoughts and hugs really means a lot. Chris
  8. Hi Shelley, Thanks for the hugs really need them at the moment. Hope to have it sorted soon as my statutory sick pay runs out on the 8th December and will have to go onto incapacity benefit which ain't helping my stress levels . chris
  9. Hi Amanda, My boss emailed me the occupational report so there's nothing they can surprise me with. He has made it very clear on the report I can't go back in my current state and can give no idea when or if it will improve as my employers have not bothered researching anything to do with my illness so perhaps now they will. I just want it over and done with now and in my heart I know I can't return to work. Chris
  10. Amanda, I can email the occupational health report if you want to see it? chris
  11. Hi Amanda, Yes I have seen the occupational report in it he stated that he can't give a return to work date and he classes me now as disabled and there is no way I can go back and do the job I was doing plus he also stated that I was now covered under the Disability discrimination act so from that they understand how serious the situation is. I spoke to my manager on Friday and he told me that after being off since early April they can't keep the job open any longer and that he and the 2 bosses above were to have a meeting on that day. After the meeting he rang me to say I will be invi
  12. Hi Buttons Yes I hope they give me IHR but aint holding out too many hopes as they have fought my illness all the way Will keep you updated once I have had the meeting Cheers Chris
  13. Have been told by my employers, that they had a meeting about me today and im to be invited to have a chat with the owner to discuss what happens next will keep you posted chris
  14. Hi Amanda, You're not wrong; it was such a relief when he started talking about Scleroderma. It's really the first medical person I have spoken to that was able to have a proper talk about the conditions and living with the illness. He must have done his homework. He also made it aware to me that finding a specialist down here wasn't going to happen so I was expecting it will take a trip to London Thanks for your support this site is great for helping everyone out. Chris
  15. Hi guys sorry not posted for a while!! Well be back to hospital for a few scans had a biopsy and MRI scan the biopsy showed up what my dermatologist consultant thought morphoea and the MRI scan showed nothing.I was sent for a MRI as they thought I have nerve damage to my upper body as I'm in constant pain and nothing seems to be improving with medication. I'm finding it difficult to drive now because of the pain and last Monday I had to have a appointment with Occupational Health and took me until Sunday to get over the 70 mile round trip. Talking of the Occupational Health visit which wen
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