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  1. Hi my name is Beth and I had a question if any one could help me it would be great. I had a positive ANA test come back and they then ran more tests and the SCL-70 ad came back positive. I just found out today about that. The thing is do not show any skin problems. They reason they tested is because my periods were not coming anymore and I have also had a few miscarriages. I am only 27 so I never thought that they would find anything bad. It is possible that the blood work is wrong? I really am not sure what to think right now it is a shock to me to be honest. My blood work came back as 105 and I was told that the normal range was 0 to 40. Does any one know if that is the normal range? I don't have the symptoms of skin problems at all. I do have joint pain sometimes but nothing major. I have always had pain on my right side that never can be explained. I have noticed lately that I get fatigued more than usual. I guess right now I am hoping the test is wrong. Sorry for rambling on I just am not sure what to do. Beth
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