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  1. I have started taking MTX and have been feeling much more sad than usual. So I relate to you! Not sure whether the MTX is actually affecting me by making me sad, or whether I'm just sad because my condition has made me have to stop work and take some time off. You seen any improvements in your mood? Maybe it's just an initial effect? (i'm only starting week 3 of MTX today) Hope you are feeling better.
  2. I have morphea too - coup de sabre linear morphea on my forehead. I've just started taking methotrexate.. on 10mg this week, then upto 15 in two weeks. You seen any improvement? Hope you are doing ok.
  3. Hi there, I live in the UK so was pleased to see a UK forum here. Thanks for starting it :) I have got coup de sabre linear morphea, running from my eyebrow to my forehead. I'm taking methotrexate for it, and IV steoid infusions. Anyone dealt with this kind of thing, or these drugs? Any advice much appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm brand new here. Just got diagnosed with a form of morphea called Coup De Sabre, which is a line running from my eyebrow up to my forehead. I've been prescribed Methotrexate 15mg, and weekly IV steroid infusions. I'm also using topical steroid creme on the skin. Anyone else dealt with this, or got any words of wisdom? It's all a bit overwhelming. Thanks :unsure:
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