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( Missing my sister so very much, she lives forever in my heart)  my dear sister has passed after a very long and hard battle with defused scleroderma) I will never be the same without her. My heart aches so much! I will always remember my dear sweet friends at sclero.org for all their kindness. I post this in memory of my loving sister. ) I lost my sister in  Jan 2018. Forever In My Heart! I Love you my dear sister!  SISTERS ARE FOREVER!!!!











sisters are forever :flowers: northstarshines 4 us********* :fairy:   Now many years later at sclera.org I find my I still have my dear friends. I am just beside myself after the loss of my beloved husband. I stopped by today to wish Happy Holidays to Everyone.  My dear sister  still battles Diffuse Scleroderma > She is a true fighter. She is still on Dialysis three days a week and just yesterday she had another terrible day with to much fluid left on after her dialysis treatment. :(  I will try to stop in at Sclero.org to visit with my dear friends. Since the loss of my dear husband I have acquired many more health issues. Life is a battle everyday. Take care my friends.

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