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  1. Dear Sandy, I am so sorry for your loss, my mom also had pneumonia last year, and it was truly an ordeal, i thought I was going to lose her, with my sister having diffuse scleroderma and in and out of the hospital and my mother had fallen ill, getting through another day felt almost impossible, but everyday I thank my lucky stars that my mom is okay now, because it was not more than a few years ago that she lost her mom and her sister just a few days after the holidays. We were at my grandmother's funeral and there we were told my aunt was rushed to the hospital. Life is so sad sometimes , but somehow we find the strength to continue on. Many hugs your way :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: Please take good care!
  2. Hi barefut, I have recently had so much numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. I am at that age of menopause and there are all sorts of weird things going on. Some women have it worse that others and I guess I am one of those women because I am having a very hard time going through change. Well just thought I would add my two cents. Hope all is well with you.:emoticon-hug: Sincerely, northstarhope*
  3. Dear miocean, :happy-day: You are truly an inspiration to all. It's so rewarding to know that life can offer so much when you think all is lost. When I think of how many times I have almost lost my sister, and now to see her out shopping and doing some things I thought she would never do again really makes me believe there is always hope for everyone. Thank you again for sharing your stories with us!!
  4. Hi, Lindylou Just wanted to let you know that my sister who has diffuse scleroderma, has had constant nose bleeds. She had been to the doctors several times with this problem. Finally I do believe they have subsided. One thing I wanted to mention that her nose bleeds always seemed much worse in dry heat, such as with furnace or heater. I myself have had a bleeding nose, last year and this year, but mine were not near as bad as my sisters. :emoticon-hug: northstarhope*
  5. Hi, Everyone You guys, (girls) are all so wonderful!! Always make me laugh and cry!! :wub: I have been very happy :) lately because my sister and I have spent some time shopping at our local store, and then we were able to go out to eat; this was a great time for me!! Funny how little things I used to take for granted mean so very much now. Anyhow as for myself, I've had some trouble breathing lately so I quit smoking about 4 months ago. Well, I went to the doctors a few days ago and he told me I have a mild obstruction with my breathing; he is also testing me for scleroderma and other things since I been having some problems with my arms and hands and feet hurting and getting numb. I was afraid to go to the doctors at first, but after watching my sister suffer as she has, nothing could be worse than what I watched her go through. Anyhow just wanted to drop in and tell you all how very much you mean to me :wub: These forums have truly helped me survive some very rough times. All my love!! NorthStarHope :wub: :emoticon-hug: :wub:
  6. Hi, Shelley So glad to have you back, and wonderful news that you are doing well. I also suffer from bone spurs and torn tendons in both of my feet so I know that can be very painful. Many, many hugs to you :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: and please take good care! Sincerely, NorthStarHope
  7. Hi, Susieq I am also going to start eating better; I am a good 50 pounds overweight and I have had to deal with plantar fasciitis in my feet for about three years now. It's very painful and I have been to three different doctors now without any results. I also work eight hours a day on my feet with only one fifteen minute break and sometimes it feels like I am walking on nails, so I guess it's time to try to lose weight again!! Congratulations on the 15 pounds you have lost! Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to all :)
  8. Hi Miocean Thank you for sharing your stories with us; they are always very touching and very interesting. You are my inspiration. :emoticon-hug:
  9. Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season; I just wanted to wish a Happy New Year to all. The best gifts are priceless, and I must say that the best gift of all was having my sister home this holiday season and not in the hospital :happy-day: Wishing Happy Holidays to Everyone! with a little extra magic!
  10. Hi, Buttons Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery, take care, and have a very happy holiday season. sincerely, northstarhope* :emoticon-hug:
  11. H Purr, So very happy for you, wishing you all the best for a happy holiday season :happy-day: sincerely, northstarhope*
  12. Hi, Susieq Happy Holidays to you and your family. Im not sure how true it is ,but someone at work told me that holiday Eve is next friday? Oh my I am so not ready!! :rolleyes: one of my best holiday traditions in our family is watching all the old time holiday Carols on television. Happy Holidays**
  13. Hi, Everyone Here is that word again, silica? Just what is this substance? Okay what's bothering me is that I purchased a pack of B12 vitamins today and as I was reading the contents, silica was actually in the vitamins. I'm taking them back to the store. So now I look silica up once again on the internet and I found some information that raises a lot of concern about silica. Now what makes me really wonder is prenatal vitamins, there is silica in some of them. Why do they put those silica packets in our foods? I have found them in pre mixed salads, also in beef jerkey, etc. Some children have eaten them by accident and parents have called poison control centers. :temper-tantrum:
  14. Hi, You guys, are all so wonderful!! Surely there is no place like home. If all goes well my sister is planing to move much closer to me, like 10 minutes away, and she will have access to computers, so I am hoping also that someday she will be able to use her hands well enough to join us on these forums. We got to spend time together at my moms house today so I brought us coffee. It sure was nice to chill out together somewhere else besides the hospital. :happy-day: Many, many, best wishes to all and a very happy new year!! Sincerely, northstarhope*
  15. :happy-day: Hi, Everyone Well, at least it's a happy day for us, sis is coming home from the hospital. I had a chance to spend time with her yesterday and we shopped at the hospital store. What an ordeal, I think this makes 17 times for visits to the hospital. My sister seems to be a bit better. I am hoping that she will be home for the holidays.* Happy Holidays*** northstarhope*
  16. My famous saying of all time, although not said at the doctors office, was "I bess I getter go" instead of saying "I guess I better go." My husband never lets me forget it. Just thought I would share that. I am always one to make up these new words! :rolleyes:
  17. Hi, Miocean Yea another fun winter on the way, it was about 28 degrees this morning, brrr, too cold for me. My sister and I like to wear hoodies during the winter, actually I've been wearing hoodies as much as I can. The warm soft gloves are also a must. I always wear the warm cozy fuzzy socks too. Happy Winter Holidays! Everyone!! Sincerely, northstarhope*
  18. Hi Bubee, You have came to the right place, you will really find so many very caring and wonderful people here, and they are truly the best! For all of my down moments, I have many very happy moments through Sclero Forums. :) Welcome! Sincerely, northstarhope*
  19. Hi Buttons I'm so sorry you had to go through so much lately, as you probably know my sister has been through so much lately also. The best we can do is keep our chin up and always hope for the best!! Plenty of hugs for you! :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: Sincerely, northstarhope*
  20. Well, haven't written much lately about my sister, only because I don't want to invade her personal life too much, but this has been so trying for our family as well. I think this must make fifteen hospital visits in the last few months, I'm not really sure anymore. I'm at a total loss for words. My sister came home from the hospital the day before thanksgiving, and back to the hospital thanksgiving night. I don't even think she was home for 24 hours this time. Water keeps collecting around her heart. They are talking surgery, but she believes her skin will not heal because of it's texture. I mentioned to her that they now have something called robotic surgery; healing time, they say, is much faster and the incision they claim is smaller. They also say it is less traumatic to the body. I wish I had some answers for her :( Just hoping for some good news. Thanks to all for being there :) truly feeling some mixed emotions. Sincerely, northstarhope*
  21. Hi Patty Seems everything out there is scary these days, but on a positive I thought I would let you know that I talk to a lot of people each day, and just a few days ago I talked to a woman who had a dear friend with scleroderma. She told me her friend lived to be 88 years old. This hit a very positive note with me. Take CARE, Sincerely, northstarhope*
  22. Hi, Shelley Thank you so much for being there to answer my questions, I am really learning so much. I have thought about ebay as a way to raise scleroderma awareness and donations. Its people as you that make this crazy world a better place! sincerely, northstarhope*
  23. Ouch! someone please tell me these items are not two of the same, I looked up silica on the internet and there are silica supplements for sale. Maybe I am not understanding this correctly, I thought silica was a toxic compound, or such. :emoticon-bang-head maybe I just need to read on, but needless to say this shook me up a bit!
  24. I'm just so confused at this present time, being that my world has turned upside down and has led me to do some research on scleroderma. I just can't seem to understand why some say that there is no known cause and no known cure. I hope it is okay for me to write a bit about what I have found out during months of research of my own. I have found that vinyl chloride, is a toxic substance and if inhaled or absorbed in skin can cause scleroderma. If its burned it is very toxic. Well I could go on a bit, but I do not want to overstep my boundaries. Maybe there are other people out there that are as confused as I am, and hopefully someone somewhere will find a cure!
  25. Back in the day no one would even question wearing gloves, now days when almost anything goes, someones asks why you are wearing gloves? Seems so strange. Gloves are a wonderful thing and I use them more often than ever. I also admire my sister because she always has a pretty new pair of color gloves! This is a good thing! as someone would say! :)
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