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  1. well, I am better now, I think, give me a couple of good books please, so as soon as my hands allow me I will download them, love the new emoticons, great. Tell every one if you can that I will be back full time soon; I miss you guys.hugs Patty
  2. Hey friends , I know I have been away somehow,but lately I have issues with my spoons (they last less), anyways I am so happy hubby gave me a kindle with wifi :woohoo: ,now I will love to get some books recomendations for it...hugs Patty :thank-you-2:
  3. Well I just read your post; for a few days I was out of the computer trying to recoup some of those spoons, so now I can give you a few. Listen, I love margaritas, so if you need company let me know Hope you feel better. Hugs Patty :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug:
  4. Guys ,my rheumatologist called and he wants to see me. He said there is not much difference between this scan and the previous one, so that's good news to share with you. Thanks,I am feeling better today,and hope tomorrow is better. Thanks and hugs...Patty :emoticon-hug:
  5. Love the suggestions,and I just passed to my hubby since he is the one that takes care of the gardening,i just water the plants,and sometimes prune then,if my hands allow me to,anyways THANKS from him and I :emoticon-hug: Patty
  6. Well, I was a donor too, and my hubby still does, so I went with him, and asked the people there and they told me NO. I also have lupus so it will be better to go to your neighborhood blood donor place and ask them straight out and they will tell you. Hope this is good advice for you, Hugs Patty.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Nanette called me, she has a virus and she does feel better. I am still down and I am trying to get out of the dark. Thanks for the good vibes, really appreciate them and it's good it's warm here. Lynn, I try to share this with my hubby (who loves me and cares a lot), but he does not understand since he hasn't seen me like this before, thanks for the advice though. SusieQ, thanks for the hug. J, I just can't stand the cold weather, so thank goodness I am here. Joelf, I will let you guys know about my scan; thanks for the response everyone. It j
  8. Today is not a good day, no energy and bad news; my daughter is 4 hours away from me and she called me feeling sick. I want to go and I just cannot; I am not sure how I made it to the computer and posted this. I just want to cry; I was a reliable person before "this" and now I am not working and I just can't do much of what I am used to, also I am waiting for my second lung scan result. Sorry I am so frustrated, maybe it's not a good idea to share my feelings. You guys have more than enough, I should know, sorry... Patty :emoticon-bang-head:
  9. Que lo pases bonito!!!!!!!! enjoy yor trip!!!!!B)
  10. NorthStarHope. I am so happy for you and your sister, and the time you guys spend together. You guys deserve some shopping time and more. Now take care of yourself and let us know. Patty.
  11. I Love It!! So happy for you,and your family. It's really a great gift to know she is home with you; thoughts get answered. You see, we may not have the cure yet, but we have each other and with brothers and sisters like you we know we have extra strength to fight and to survive. Happy New Year to all...hugs Patty
  12. Happy Holidays to all of you. It is a great time to be with family, and hope that the warm feeling stays throughout the year. My hubby and I go and visit the family on the 24th. Since most of them come to our house, the month of December is full of festivities and I am looking forward to my apple cider and good food and especially the quality time with family and friends, so to all my sisters and brothers in this forum "Happy Holidays"...and do not overdo!! Hugs Patty.
  13. Like everyone said, it hits all of us, sometimes more than once, and everyone has very good advise for it. I am sorry you are there now, but you are not alone. And that is good news, because we need you as much as you need us. When I am down I think of my kid and her future and how much I want to be there and like Jeannie said I look for something I can do to keep my mind and body busy. No fridge for me (my hands are not good) but, cooking for someone or reading a book do the job. Hope you start to feel better and keep us up to date. Hugs, Patty
  14. What about calling you by your full name; I mean the name only your parents and you know you have. It was pretty scary for me and also for my daughter. Hugs Patty
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