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  1. My daughter is home with her dog, so there are smiles and noises around me. So happy about this,guys and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! hugs Patty The happiest people don't always have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have
  2. Guys thanks for the reply, you really are supportive and understand the feelings. I am a positive person and have faced everything life sent to me with strength. I am a survivor of so many things and always face life with a positive and bright attitude. It is for that reason every problem in my family from grandparents to nieces and nephews always were in my lap. About the depressions, in 2006 when I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia the doctor gave me antidepressants and I do react to then in a very bad way, so they are out of question for me. I am worried about my family more than about me. I know I will die one day and certainly hope to live a long quality life. That is the reason I am researching and reading other people's post and believe me some post are scary and some responses are more. Again thanks I said in my first post you always help. Maybe I should drop the other scleroderma group... hugs Patty
  3. Happy belated B_Day Jo! and by the way since my last flare up I treat everyday I feel better like a birthday or celebration,so to all my friends with scleroderma and especially to you Joelf hugs Patty
  4. My hands and knees are killing me today guys. Yesterday I was sweating and my hands were freezing cold. My hubby turned the air conditioning off for me. Does any one know how I can deal with this? I live in Miami and it usually is hot here. Please help me. Patty
  5. Thanks to every one. It's great to know you guys can help me with advice; my hubby does not know what to do sometimes. I have an electric heat pad that I am using now, and it seems to work. I change it from my hands to my knees while watching TV and then turn it off.. By the way, I am feeling a bit better, hugs Patty
  6. Awww Buttons, I'm so sorry. The waiting is the worst in most situations! I hope you can relax, my friend, and do not worry about the festivities, just let everybody take care of you. I have to tell you I got that surgery in 2002. Of course I was healthy then (at least it looks like that). The surgery was on Dec 12 and my Doctor and I did very good,so good I am walking. So be positive, put yourself in a good place mentally, (always helps). Let us know so we can give you a soft hug. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts, Patty
  7. Congratulations Susie!! keep the good work Patty
  8. I am in the same boat as NorthStarHope; I am confused, I have scleroderma and I just cannot explain to anyone how I got it or what it is. All I can say is that is a connective tissue, immune system condition and excessive collagen thing,(sorry guys but that is all I read in the sites)and that scared the wits out of me. Every time I get in the net to look for answers, it's only in this forum that I found some peace, so let's work for the cure some how...hugs Patty
  9. No you are not vain. We already have to deal with a lot of restrictions in life that make us feel handicap, so we do not need more of "no you can not do that". At least I don't even though some people said they are tired of the "you do not look sick to me", I prefer that to the "poor baby. If that is being vain, I am there with you my friend ,and Joelf's suggestion of making the splints look like fancy rings is great go for it..hugs Patty
  10. From the album my trip & family

  11. From the album my trip & family

  12. From the album my trip & family

  13. From the album my trip & family

  14. From the album my trip & family

  15. From the album my trip & family

  16. From the album my trip & family

  17. I just came back from a wonderful trip to a wonderful place with my parents, hubby and a wonderful daughter who made one of my dreams come true, and lives making all my dreams real, love you baby :) I will post pics as soon as I get them. It was my first trip to Disney World and it was great. The only thing was that I get tired, (thankfully I had a wheelchair) and that I could not ride every ride I wanted to, but beside that is a wonderful place. We went to Epcot, the Magic kingdom, and Saturday night we ate at the Polynesian Restaurant, all courtesy of my daughter. For three days I almost forgot I am sick, she is so good. Bless her heart forever, hugs, Patty
  18. The place is amazing and the hospitality real. Guys, they treat everybody like the special person they are, but if you are somehow disabled, then they go completely out of their way to help you and make you feel awesome. (I am a kid at heart.) For so many years I worked in the hospitality business, so I really notice their ways. Hugs, Patty
  19. Thank you Janey. My hands also look like that, and they hurt too. Every day I learn something from you guys. Thanks, and big hugs, Patty
  20. Thank you guys. I am giving Nanette all the hugs you send her. She is really good, and sweet. I felt like a Queen, and everybody in the family is really proud of her. She is 22 years old, goes to UCF. In January she starts the master in psychology, and to help me, besides the scholarship, she has two jobs. Did I told you how proud I am?
  21. Since I am feeling better I went to the beauty parlor today. I know I am losing hair, but my beautician saw how much it is and also how my hair has changed structure. I mean, it was very thick, and now is fine. Also while I am blessed with so much hair, I am losing it and is noticeable. Now my question, is this due to scleroderma, or to the prednisone? Please let me know. Hugs, Patty
  22. Northstarhope, thanks for keeping us informed about your sister. And I am glad she is better now. It is so hard to do this alone, that knowing of people like you make me feel great. Big hugs, Patty