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  1. Does anybody know of help available for scleroderma and vertigo? Vertigo has taken over my life and it is horrible! Two fractured skulls and concussions. Broken bones etc. I'm lucky to be alive. 15 years into scleroderma and this has just presented itself. Somewhere on the web while researching I found a site that mentioned vertigo, but the links took me nowhere . Does anybody have any info on this or can point me in the right direction ? Please and thank you . Christina
  2. Thank you Heather, what is Dimarzio ? Please and thank you Christina
  3. Heather, what is Dimarzio ? Please and thank you Christina
  4. I have a sister who thinks I look fine and it's all in my head for attention . Which is tough . This long-term pain really wipes you out , I can't function a lot of the time. And it brings on depression which I have to be careful with . Depression is a black hole and I don't want to go there .
  5. I truly understand your fear of dying alone. I have the fear myself of being dead on the floor and not being found for a month. Having no husband, no children , no grandchildren it is a difficult thing to handle at my age. Being retired and with limited financial resources, I'm wondering where I go from here.
  6. I was prescribed CellCept for my diffuse scleroderma . I've been on thyroid meds for many years . Both these meds are to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning . Question is : is it safe to take them together ?
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