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  1. lizzy


    Are there any events planned for June 2012 for scleroderma awareness month, is anybody doing any fund raisers?
  2. Hi Jean, I put this article on my computer, to show more info to others. I did put a comment on the article also; thank you for for having this put in the paper, it is so helpful for others to learn they are not alone :emoticons-line-dance: love liz
  3. lizzy


    Can anyone tell me if there are any groups in Ormskirk or Southport areas? thank you from lizzy xx
  4. Hi there Gilly I also have CREST and yes, it is rare, but that doesn't mean you can't have it. I struggle with being stiff and have aching joints, reflux and heartburn and the feeling of something being stuck in my throat. I have a lot of calcium deposits which cause me no end of trouble; my fingers and toes are bent and twisting and my hands and feet swell most of the time. You are certainly not alone now; there are lots of people on here that will talk and listen to you. Be well my friend; I know it's not always easy, but think positive. xx liz
  5. <_< Hi Chris, hope all goes well for you, you really don't need all the stress. love and hugs, Liz
  6. lizzy


    :rolleyes: Hi Christopher I hope all goes well for you when you go for your appointment. Keep well my friend xx liz
  7. lizzy


    :emoticons-yes: Thank you guys, lets hope I do better with this rheumatologist than I did with the last one. I would be happy if they just listened to me and not just rush me in and back out again because although I know I'm not one of the worse cases I feel lonely sometimes and could do with someone to listen to me. At the moment, and I know I'm not the only one, I feel as though I've got something stuck in my throat and in my chest but it's not constant just the majority of the time It's really making me feel uncomfortable and making my throat sore, and my calcinosis elbow is driving me up
  8. lizzy


    :emoticons-yes: I have now got my appointment to see the my new rhumatologist...but the down side is it's not until January but it's not to long to wait yipee. :bye: With love 'n' hugs liz xx
  9. Thank you, Buttons. I'm waiting to see a new rheumatologist at the moment at a different hospital so hopefully I'll get different things sorted now. With warm regards, liz
  10. Thanks for that, Shelley, don't get me wrong I do do the exercises, maybe not as often as I should, but I'm constantly using my hands in one way or another even when I find things difficult. As for the splints mine are only for my wrists they don't do anything for my hands and the insoles never did any good at all. I buy my own fluffy ones now to help keep my feet warm and I take my anti-inflammatories every day, can't be without them. But don't worry I do understand what needs to be done and know what can happen, so it's up to me to do as much as I can to prevent it. With warmest regards
  11. Thanks guys for your input, much appreciated. I was given hand exercises by occupational therapy which I try to do regularly but do forget. I also sit on my hands palms down just to try and straighten them but they always go back. I was given splints for my wrists but they didn't do anything for my hands but I find them more of a hindrance. Lately my fingers have been swelling that much they are bursting slightly round my nails and getting quite sore. At the moment I am waiting to see a new rheumatologist so I can maybe get sorted. I did see a podiatrist for my feet they made me inso
  12. lizzy


    Tell her not to take any nonsense, don't let people treat her like a peace of meat, don't let them walk all over her, they should be ashamed of themselves. xx Love 'n' hugs liz xx
  13. hi there meldie, i just joined I live in the north west not far from liverpool, i have bent and swollen hands calcinocis joint pain stiffness heartburn and reflux although mild but getting wores now, i was dianosed in 2005 and 41 years old but luckily I'd had all my children, i found the whole thing quite lonely and depressing, but learned to get on with it and not think too much about it,, hope you're well love & hugs liz xx
  14. I suffer with my hands and feet not only with the cold but most of the time. Although my hands are worse, I get pains in my fingers and they're not very strong anymore, they are swollen bent and twisting. I do try to keep them as straight as I can but they just go back, normal hands can lie flat on a table mine arch. My palms and fingers don't lie down and instead of my finger nails pointing up they are going sideways left to the left and right to the right. My feet are sore especially my heels and my little toes get sore as they are bent. I seem to walk on them because they're turning under m
  15. lizzy


    :angry: Dear Northstar Hope, don't you just hate rude and bad mannered people especially those who are supposed to be caring for you or like you say your sister. I must admit if they're like that with me I tend to let it go but be like that with a member of my famiy and you will be told. How old is your sister may I ask? Next time they don't respond to her just ask them if they're hard of hearing and if they say "no why" just add "well do you mind answering when you are spoken to?" People don't need to ignored when they are ill. All my love
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