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  1. Hi queenie, no I don’t suffer from any swelling in my fingers but like you it does happen where you would normally wear a ring also, and I too don’t wear rings. Jeannie - Sorry I should have said, I don’t wear rings at all I was just saying that it only happens on the “ring fingers” for some weird reason. Lizzie - I am still in the process of actually getting a referral to see a rheumatologist but when I do I will be sure to ask them what they think. Another thing that made me think it was caused by Raynaud’s was that around the outside of it is the same purplish colour that my hands normally go when cold. Did this happen to you also?
  2. Hi Joelf, Thanks for the link. I too have had splits in my finger tips in the past, however this doesn't happen at the finger tips it happens near my knuckles. Also, the skin never appears to be dry or anything, its perfectly normal. It just happens out the blue which is what is so confusing about it. Thanks for the tip on the udder cream as well.
  3. The first time it happened I started scratching it and the skin started to peel away, so the other times after that I didn't scratch it because I thought thats why it started peeling but no...the skin still started to peel away. :blink:
  4. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this kind of problem with their hands. It has only ever affected one finger each time it has happened but it starts off itching really bad and then the skin literally starts to peel away a few seconds later. It ends up looking like a burn and always becomes infected. So far it has always happened with the "ring fingers" and in the same spot each time. I know people with Raynauds can get digital ulcers, but could this also be as a result of having Raynauds? Or do you guys think it could be something completely different?
  5. Hi Janet - I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up! enjoytheride - I never thought about my age being a factor before but you're probably right because whenever I try and be "firm" with my doctor he cuts me off mid-sentence like I have no idea what I am talking about. I have an appointment with my nurse in 2 weeks so hopefully I can get my referral.
  6. Thanks for the helpful replies everyone! I am going to see if I can get my doctor to refer me to a rheumatologist and take it from there. Shelley I heard about the sympathectomy for Raynaud's and people saying they saw the results really quickly, and I was thinking about this especially as I will be moving to a city that is even colder than where I am now later on in the year, and I will have to be able to work in treacherous conditions. But I thought they would only consider this an option if you had digital ulcerts, gangrene etc? Can this same procedure be perfomed on your feet or is there a different one? "A good doctor will like this approach. If a doctor admonishes you for "playing doctor", you need a new doctor!" - Craig that is exactly what my doctor does! My nurse however isn't like that so I will ask her about it and she will more than likely get a referal for me!
  7. Hi I am new here. I am 19 years old and have had Raynaud’s for as long as I can remember. I was prescribed Nifedipine and have been on it ever since. Initially the nifedipine helped a lot in easing the symptoms but over the years it has been helping less and less to the point where it hardly helps at all. My hands are pretty much blue and cold all day every day (even in the shower) and in winter even with 2-3 pairs of gloves on they are really painful and I cannot move my fingers. My legs also go blue and have little red patches on them. My feet are the same and I have had an infection in my toes for at least 3 years and have tried just about everything but it will not heal and it is now really painful. Whenever I go to the doctor about this he just tells me its an infection as a result of my Raynaud’s and gives me the same antibiotics even though he knows they don’t work. As the Nifedipine doesn’t seem to be working anymore I was wondering what other options are regarding treatment because I know I’m not going to get anywhere with my doctor! Also, I am going to be studying Zoology in September which will require me to travel and carry out research even in extreme weather conditions (not the best thing to do with Raynaud's I know) so I would prefer to be able to actually carry this out without being in pain and have full mobility of my limbs! :P So can anybody tell me what they have found to be the most helpful? I know there is no cure but is there a “quick fix” so to speak?
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