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  1. Hey Jo Can't believe you remember me! Yes, my sister is now seeing an expert who is actually associated with this site. That's how I came to find this great site! I think she is definitely in better hands, but there certainly is always lots more to learn as things move forward. I've been begging her to join as well, but she's not the computer person ... I'm still trying though! Wendi
  2. Thank you both for your insight. Reading about procedures is always more scary than hearing actual people that have gone through one. I don't know any people personally with sclero except for my sister. We're both learning as the years and her sclero progress. So it's great to have this wonderful community to reach out to! :VeryHappy: My sister also mentioned that her doctor said the procedure is not as bad because they go through the vein. I didn't read that in any documentation. It only states the arteries. Did my sister hear right? Also did you have any restrictions after the procedure like staying rested for a day or two? And thanks for all the wishes! I will pass them along to my sister! It may be a couple months before she has it done, but we know she does need it. Wendi
  3. My sister recently had an echocardiogram which resulted in mild pulmonary hypertension. Her doctor now wants her to have the right heart catheterization (RHC) procedure. After reading about the risks involved I am very concerned and wondered if anyone has been through this procedure. I know she has to have it done, but my grandmother had a bad experience with angioplasty that caused her to have a stroke during the procedure. I know angioplasty is different than RHC and wondered if anyone can provide any insight. Appreciate any help!
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