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    crest and cancer...

    Firstly, hello to everybody :) I am posting because I'm scared again, after what I read on a website last night. It said that sometimes scleroderma and cancer can appear at the same time and people with CREST are more at risk. Just reminding you that English is not my first language and that maybe why I am misunderstanding what I read on the website. I had seen on a French website a similar thing and when I went to my appointment with my scleroderma specialist he said that was not true. So now I'm really confused because I have to wait another month to have the finger test. To remind you, after having a close look at me the specialist did not see anything that made him think of scleroderma and said that to him I just had the centromere antibodies but nothing else yet. So please can you help me. Once you have been diagnosed with scleroderma in the US do you have to have breast scans etc.to make sure you have no cancer... :unsure: Thanks for helping me
  2. ceciliablaude

    Back from the Scleroderma Specialist

    Hi Craig, I think that what the doctor meant, was that my problem with my eosophagus did not sound to him like the one he can see in CREST syndrome when people do have that problem. He said after asking me lots of questions, and taking a good look at my skin, he could not see anything that showed Scleroderma but I do have the antibodies centromere but even the Raynaud's that I've been having for more than 15 years hasn't been worse as the end of a finger getting waxy for a few minutes so he said, that was common even for lots of people who have not got Raynaud's syndrome. I'll have the nailfold capillaroscopy for my fingers in April and should know more by then :emoticon-dont-know: I must say I'm a real hypochondriac, that I'm really scared, cause even though I don't have the skin problems yet, I do feel very tired, do have pains in different places,and now the antibodies but I've been talking to lots of people who seem to be doing fine and it helps me. Wishing you a nice day :)
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    ah that is why you were up so early this morning grandma :emoticon-congratulations: xxcongratulation !
  4. ceciliablaude

    Back from the Scleroderma Specialist

    Thank you so much Jeannie.... hope you went back to sleep! What's making you get up so early? :emoticon-insomnia:
  5. Hello everyone, So yesterday was the big day for me, going to see the scleroderma specialist,who's the best here in Belgium; it is a university hospital so quite scary compared the one I usually go to. Ok, so I showed him my blood test with my ANA Positive and the centromere showing and the titer at 5120; he and his assistant had a very close look at me, asked me tons of questions and finally said, right, you have the antibodies of CREST but don't have the illness yet as you don't have any symptoms. I did say that I have been feeling tired since was son was born 22 years ago and started to have join pain from time to time and heartburn and what I though was dysphagia; he asked me what sort of heartburn I have, if it occurs at night, if I have it all the time, what tablets do I take and how many per day. I did tell him that some days I don't have heartburn, that it never happens at night, and that I take omeprazol tablets (don't know if it's the same in the US I also use zantac ) and told him that I take them time to time not everyday. He said that people with CREST syndrome and Scleroderma and very very bad heartburn and need tablets everyday, otherwise they have heartburn and the omeprazole 20 mg I'm taking is very low. About my eosophagus, I explained that it happened for the last 7 years, and it feels like a burn when the food gets into my stomach; they both asked if the food was like getting stuck in my eosophagus and I said no more like a pain when I feel the food going in my stomach, he then said it was not a symptom of CREST, that a lot of people have hiatal hernia which can give the same symptoms and about my Raynaud's syndrome as it has been the same again for over 15 years, just the top of one finger falling asleep and being white for a few minutes but never red or blue. So, if I had not done the blood test for antibodies for my tendinitis I would not know that I have the centromere and he said not to worry that yes he believes the fingers test I'll be doing in a few months will maybe be positive, but not too worry cause it can stay the way I am now maybe for ever, so actually he said the same as what the first rhumatologist said which I went to. But, because of course there is a but,and I'm so thankful to all of you I can put and say all my worries here, my husband keeps telling me that I'm always looking for the worse ( guess he might be right there ) so at the end of my consultation he asked me to have another blood test just to put in his records just in case I would have to come back to see him someday. I heard him asking his assistant to ask for ANA, ENA,... and then he said he would send a double to my doctor. I left feeling better and then in the evening I was wondering, why that other blood test, even though he explained to me the reason why he was asking for it. My disturbed mind can't help thinking that he obviously saw how stressed I was and did not want to tell me the truth about the blood test and I'm thinking maybe they gonna find the SCL 70 in that one and that I have both the centromere and the SCL 70, did you have another blood test when you went to see the scleroderma specialist and did you have other things in your test? Is it possible that the SCL 70 would not be seen in the first one, when a doctor ask for antibodies are they showing straight away the centromere and the SCL 70... or do you need more tests for each result ? Grrrr I'm annoyed cause I realize how difficult it is to explain my self in English language, that I love but don't handle it very well when it comes to talking about something like blood test, illness, and all that stuff, so sorry if it sounds a bit weird to you and thank you so much for helping me. I am wishing you all a very beautiful day, here it's now almost 11 am. My head nurse, called me this morning to find out if I was coming back to work on Monday ( with the tendonitis and my brainstorming about Scleroderma I've been off a month and a half! I'm a auxiliary nurse ( can't remenber if I have already told you.) So usually I'm the one who listens and calms down stressed persons; if they ever knew that they have a hypochondriac person in front of them who totally freaks out right now and doesn't know how to get on with her life. Give you all a big hug.
  6. ceciliablaude

    Centromere Antibodies

    Thanks for your answers; and again sorry for my English. My question was - if they found the anti centromere and no SCL-70, it goes more to the CREST syndrome than the diffuse. If I suffer scleroderma, but as I already have the heartburn and dysphagia, and sometimes Raynaud's syndrome, do they need another blood test to find the SCL-70? :emoticon-dont-know: Now here in Belgium it is end of the afternoon, I'm going to be busy and won't bother you again with questions today. Wishing you both a great day . :thank-you-2:
  7. ceciliablaude

    Centromere Antibodies

    Hello, Tomorrow I will be going to my appointment with the scleroderma specialist and carry on being scared of the unknown. I have read again lots of the comments of crest stories and antibodies. So my question is that I only had one blood test and I don't know what the doctor asked for, just to check on my antibodies I guess. It says, Ac antibodies, positive centromere, titer 1/5120 ENA positive cenp. I believe it meant that is that the only thing they found wrong with my antibodies, but after reading your posts I have the idea that maybe I could also have SCLl-70 and others things too. Is that right? Or do you think the blood test can be different over here in Europe? If they look for abnormality in your autoimmune system I guess they look for everything, don't they? :unsure: :emoticons-group-hug: Hope to hear from you soon and thanks to all.
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    CREST Syndrome

    I'm so happy you answered so fast :emoticons-yes: but I did make a mistake. The heartburn has been there for 20 years but dysphagia is only the last 7 years and comes and goes. I must say that I have three children, two married and a boy who is 15 and giving me a hard time so as a stress person I always believed that my body was showing my anger :temper-tantrum: but ever since that blood test, I spent all afternoon reading stories on the forum nd you have stories where you say that some people have the antibodies but not the symptoms! Can it be the same with the centromere? And why do they say over here in Europe that centromere is mostly CREST and here it's seems that the blood test is not enough to diagnose the illness? I must say, I'm lost but so thankful I met this website. You' re just great .
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    CREST Syndrome

    Hi everybody. My name is C├ęcilia and after a blood test the doctor was looking for some rheumatism illness. My anticentromere are 1/5020 so he asked me to go and see a rheumatologist who asked me lots of questions, to which I answered no most of the time; then he took a look at my hands and feet, he then said that I had the CREST syndrome anitibodies but no sign of it. I did tell him that I had heartburn for the past 20 years and trouble with the bottom of my oesophagus, like if I could feel the food getting into my stomach and I also told him that from time to time with the cold my fingers are a bit white but it never lasts only sometimes and this has happened for many years. I have the ends of one or two fingers getting white and dead but never for more than a few minutes. He said the CREST syndrome could stay quiet for some years, 20 years or never. I'm going to see an other rheumatologist who's in Scleroderma; I have been reading a lot on the web and must say that I'm really scared of what I read. I'm 46, have been suffering from tiredness since my first son was born 22 years ago, I also always have pain at different places, back, legs, arms, fingers, migraines, feeling cold, have had vertigo, feeling of lump in my throat, I mean I'm hypochondriac and always been listening to my body ! Could I have this CREST syndrome with just the stomach and oesophagus problem and if this has been there for so long I guess it has to be the limited or CREST? Could I have just have those two symptoms without all the other? I do have red spot on my chest but so does my husband so I don't think it's the T of CREST. I'm also scared because I read on the web that sometimes you have the diffuse scleroderma with the centromere positives; can you help me? Oh and sorry for my English; I live in Belgium and speak French.... Thanks to all for your time.