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    Pressure sore...I'm too young surely!

    Hi, A nurse at the cosmetic Doctors' office suggested a gel which I could possibly use as an alternative to debriding by hand. Might ask when I go in to get my bandage changed. Good luck everyone and keep on it!! Jon
  2. Jon S

    Pressure sore...I'm too young surely!

    Thank you. Been doing a lot of computer work lately (sitting), crossing up legs etc. Getting sore around the ankle, need to get moving more and get the blood flowing.
  3. Jon S

    Pressure sore...I'm too young surely!

    Hi Amanda, I just found this forum today on the net, after searching for more info on my Ankle Pressure Sore problem. irst the history, I had surgery to remove a growth on the ankle bone in 2002. So a scar right across the ankle bone (right). Next, a "small" pressure sore on the cut line in 2006, didn't really clue in then to how bad these can be, as it healed up in a few weeks. Currently on Dec 29th the deep hole formed on my ankle bone, and began to discharge yellow fluid. The hole was about 3/16" wide, with red around the edge. This was all caused by skiing, and skiing hard for many consecutive days. My boots fit reasonably well, as I had custom work done, and custom orthotics. But I should have had more of a punch done on this ankle, or stopped before it got to this stage. Anyways, now the process, the doctors were alarmed at the condition of this pressure sore, and were concerned about potential bone infection. I have been on 2 sets of anti-biotics. I have had xrays, then a bone scan, a CT scan coming in Feb and a ultrasound coming in March. Results look good though, no bone infection so far. I have seen a plastic surgeon twice, who assured me it will heal, but thinks I should talk to an orthopedic surgeon to address the ankle bone that sticks out more than the left side. He says he could do a "flap" - skin graph type surgery, but is hessitant in case it doesn't work/take and he causes more problems. Wants to wait a month and then re-asess. I have the pain you have. Yesterday we noticed that the hole is a fair bit smaller, this is after debriding again last week, and trying a different bandage. I am now seeing the same nurse and doctor each time so they know the sore really well. Put on a soft "donut", small about of Bactroban and gauze, taped up by Hypofix tape. Doctor today said he is happy with the progress! But this is after 6 weeks. I have kept it dry, kept pressure off, and have exercised still, but not quite as intense as usual. Very stressfull, when not much progress happening. All I can say, is that hopefully this heals up soon and do not take these lightly! Go see a doctor and stay on top of it until you get answers and progress. good luck, Jon