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  1. Did I ever mention how illiterate I am with computers? It's a surprise to all I imagine, that so much of my time is spent at a Radio Station which actually runs with nothing but computers! I am there at my desk looking all clever and like know what I'm doing -- It's a ruse! I have spent hours writing stuff, from reports to emails, only to press the wrong button and it all magically disappears - how frustrating. I haven't the will to sit down and begin again. My heart sinks. My stumpy fingers, clumsy and unwilling to hit the right key, thank goodness for the "Backspace" button. How many
  2. Day 3 of this disabling pain the lower regions. I am now straighter then the proverbial Mountain Ape but still I let out a grimacing moan when sitting. No fun this new addition to the list. In fact the old car has less wrong with it than I do - I wish my condition was just an oil change and a new tyre - Fully curable! A ride out in the car yesterday did nothing for the pain. We stopped and I rolled out of the car like I was rolling into the sea from a boat, may as well have been. The weather was wild and very uninviting to someone with Raynauds. I watched as people clung onto umbrellas
  3. Woke up this morning - Ouch!! My back was staying put - I wanted to get up! Sciatica struck at 08.15 on Tuesday 29th January. So my day begun like a Neanderthal, my knuckles almost dragging the floor. I needed to straighten up, least ways to make coffee which I desperately needed, my mouth like the inside of a Rabbit hutch. Reaching for the jar of coffee with a little Argh! Just lifting the kettle for water did nothing to help my posture. Cats gathered around my ankles assuming to be fed and I was having trouble making a drink never mind preparing breakfast for the felines.
  4. My Momma used to say, "just wait until you're old" When your back goes out more than you do and begin to feel the cold Back then her words were unheeded I was young, why should I care? I'm too far away from fifties, it was a lifetime till I was there. I'd go outside in winter, build a snowman, cold hands would warm by the fire With feet so cold inside my boots and skimpy outdoor attire "You'll get chilblains" my mum used to cry, and then you'll get what for But those words meant nothing as I ran out of the door I'd walk around in Tee shirts when woollens I should have worn "You'
  5. Snow they say! Well it's certainly cold enough. The mere mention of the word and everyone buys bread- Why? I'd wrestled with a wonky wheeled trolley all round the supermarket. I'd bumped. bruised, and bore the brunt of many a screwed up face and said "Sorry" more times than a child with a broken piece of China! I was worn out when I reached Checkout. In front of me was a lady, you know the type. A busy little bee type who was keeping up with the cashier, throwing things into bags, but the mound of Bread? 10 loaves - I counted. I looked at my measly shop with just a pack of fresh m
  6. Heating on! Now where are my boots? Those flakes were growing in size, Mmmm! it may be sticking. The cats certainly thought so. Note I say cats yes I now have a menagerie! One Meowing, one stretched in front of the fire and one sat on the work top -- Sat on the worktop? "Hey Geroff" Meeeoww! Beastly thing, I've just spent ages cleaning the worktops and trying to get rid of the smell of curry from last night. The containers are in the bin and I'm not going out - not yet to put them in the dustbin outside. I can't find me boots! "Oy Get off me table" I despair! The door is op
  7. Tortoises bring back painful memories for me, in fact I think I could still receive counselling in the matter. My Dad bought me my Tortoise after a few drinks in the pub along with a lovely white Rabbit. We knew he was on his way back from his Sunday afternoon treat as looking through the window at my Grandma's House I saw a white Rabbit hopping like crazy down the road with my Dad in tow and a Tortoise cradled in his arms. The Tortoise and the Hare come to mind bit this was the old story in reality. I was about 6 years old and screaming at the bemused public to grab it before it ran
  8. There's absolutely nothing remotely humorous about a Hospital or doctor's appointment. It's just something you get very used to and - yes we do need them. I've been to-ing and fro-ing for much of the 13 years since diagnosis. Monthly appointments and stabbed so frequently for blood that my body is a not a temple but a colander. I've driven home with arms aching and bruised and the last time I was there - electrocuted! Yes, I testify, I was actually shocked, not in a surprised sense but physically, and yes, I was shocked as well. I'm an old sucker for clinical trials, I just can't say no. P
  9. I've never been the brightest button in the box, according to some. I was never top of the class in high school except one subject where I excelled my own expectations and probably that of the teacher too, Biology. Yes I could sex a Frog, knew the gestation period of a Newt and claimed top marks for drawing an Amoeba - it was rather good, I had all the shading in the right places. I was good at drawing too but I was ridiculed in Maths, numbers never added up for me. I never seemed to have enough fingers! Thinking back and I am thinking back so many years ago, I have done better than most
  10. It was meant to be a quiet day. I hadn't reckoned on my daughter having the day off from work and I found myself rolling out of bed to the sound of a 7am alarm and wondering why she was still in bed?"You don't listen Mum. I told you last night it's my day off. Now I'm never going to get back to sleep" Well, since I was already up, I might as well stay up and Steve was already heading for the bathroom, so the next question would be:"Make us a coffee" It wasn't long before Steph joined us enquiring where her coffee was too. I could tell she was about to ask what I had planned for the day by the
  11. Reminds me of day's gone by with my Daughter and her giggly enterage of friends. Why on earth er got a large car I do not know? I was their personal chauffeur until the age of .. well actually it hasn't stopped! She's learning to drive so maybe I will get some respite. Great blog I could picture the whole thing Much love to you Babs xx
  12. Here's my first attempt at a blog for almost 3 years. I'm a bit rusty and corroded around the edges but none the less here goes! I live on a farm of sorts. I have a house that is begging to be finished, a Husband with gout, a 22 year old Daughter with boyfriend in tow, one house cat, one visiting cat and one Goat. I have 3 walls, one conservatory with no doors and our 6th December Holiday under renovation but we are getting there. I have Raynauds, Scleroderma, Cervical Spondylosis, Arthritis, Fybromyalgia and a broken nail. Besides that I'm fighting fit? I'm also known as Babs. I was
  13. Sorry for the short re introduction earlier today, my life really is run at 100 mph.(I chug along like a snail though.) Back home, light up the tree, put the fire on and then wonder what time the family will be home for dinner. I've had just one Raynaud's attack today, getting into my car, so I spent the majority of the journey shaking my hand and heater on full blast. The winter so far has been very kind much to my content and the radio station is mega hot in Winter and unbearable for mere mortals in Summer, for me it's sanctuary and a double dose of pleasure in that the young guy
  14. Whos you? I hear you say! Actually I don't blame you, I hardly recognise myself these days. Most people thought I had met my demise, but here I am alive and kicking still with Sclero and Raynauds but alive anyhow. I'd forgotten my log in details, not surprising since I have so many different accounts for different stuff, I do tend to keep the same but due to a security issue changed them all and now I can't remember. I'm still volunteering at the radio station, still wearing my feeding tube, still wearing the British emblem on each finger and toe (Red, White and Blue) and still living on
  15. You can tell it's March -- Things flying about the yard, yep! there goes a Chicken, not entirely the direction it was heading but when the wind took hold it ended up right in the middle of the field. Today has got to be compared to a mild hurricane. It almost blew me over and the gust took me up the yard the fastest I'd gone for years! I was glad to be home and watch stuff through the window. Stuff like twigs, chickens, an old plastic bag and the old gander trying to stand proud and looking like a fool next to the nest where his missus is sitting on a nest being battered by a force 10. Ra
  16. Today is what I call one of the first days of Spring! Glorious sunshine from a big round thing that is quite a stranger to these lands of late. It was a pleasure to come home and enjoy a degree of warmth on my starved skin. I pulled up to the gate to a welcome party of feathered friends who crowed,squalked and flapped at my arrival and then out of nowhere the Gander came charging down the drive with neck outstretched and hissing! I was just about to kick out my leg when a guy stopped me to ask if there were any goose eggs for sale? "Ask him?" I said "if you can get near the nest, I'll giv
  17. Oh Yes! and it's still as draughty as ever .... Lol! Best wishes Babs x
  18. I'd completely forgotten what it was like to have a whole week away from work -- well if you can call it that! Since taking a voluntary role at the Radio station my life has gone from four walls, well three actually. Did I mention we never did complete the gable end and we still have panoramic views from my stairway? Yes it's true that we survived two of the worst winter's on British record with a hole as big as a tunnel entrance, facing North too I might add! The geese walk in and out, so do the chickens and until recently the goats loved to make an appearance too. My hubby has gout and m
  19. Y'Know I haven't been back 5 mins and I'm already causing problems! How do I post a blog? I guess I've been away so long I need re-training in the old brain box area. I've got so much to share with you that writers cramp will be the bain of my life. I'm bursting with excitement on being back with REAL people and not the heady world of talking to myself which I have perfected to an art. My life is spent in front of a microphone going crosseyed at the studio clock and pretending that every rap, rock, spoiled, outrageous pop artist is the next best thing to sliced bread! My cheery attitude as t
  20. Another new hobby you say!, goodness gracious me My time is all but taken I guess I'm never free What with chasing after Goats and Geese and trying to make the tea There's never any time left to concentrate on me Presenting shows on the radio, is quite a novelty See I really don't have time to concentrate on me! My life is kind of hectic who knows where I will be Playing songs upon the radio then coming at Three Feeding hungry animals, life really is a spree -- and There's never any time left to concentrate on me! I guess my perfect hobby or where I'd like to be Sitting at hom
  21. Okay! Stop scratching your head, I can see you look puzzled. "It's me"! Barbs Y'know the one who wrote blogs, Radio Presenter, Sclero Sufferer extraordinaire, lives on a farm with a menagerie of animals that love to attack the postman! Do I hear you say "Ah Yes"! Well maybe you don't already know me but if you do -- I'm back! It's been a while - sure has! I've been out there doing my stuff and strutting my toosh. I guess by now you either like me or hate me but that's just me. I haven't changed, neither has my condition but hey, I'm still here making a nuisance of myself (my computer k
  22. Hi Jeannie I still don't think they are working -- the blogs I mean. I can see them but they appear as draft entries? Maybe still some gremlins eh! Barbara Lowe xxxx
  23. Another day at the Radio Station, my these weeks are flying by! It was kind of a hard day today since I got up too quickly this morning, treading on the cat downstairs, then stubbing my toe on the table leg. My hubby was dishing out daily instructions but to be honest it went in one ear and out the next! My daughter emerged from the dark room where no one ever goes, looking somewhat similar to how I felt and the first word from her lips was "Mum can you make me a drink?" The second sentence went something like this "Can you pick me up tonight?" I pulled on my Chorley FM T Shirt just as hu
  24. Seems so strange finally being here and able to type into the forum. I've been a stranger in these parts for far too long and I've dearly missed having a moan or a titter to those who share a common bond, although Scleroderma has become somewhat of a stranger to me these past months and I guess that's something to be glad about. I no longer have the time to think about what the future holds. My day at the radio station is full of current news and interesting folk passing through. Sound checks, music logs and mixing are a huge part of my life at the moment and pressing 50 years of age next mon
  25. I'm really good Pam. How are you doing. I'd really like to hear from you since I've been locked out for so long. I don't know what happened. I just logged in today hoping for the best and it just happened. Not sure about the blogs yet. I wrote so many that never got through that I eventually gave up! Sooo good to hear from you and I really hope you are doing okay Best wishes Hugs and kisses Barbara xxx
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