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  1. Thank you all so much for enlightening me. I have many questions for my general practitioner when I see him next. Just thought I would fill you in on how I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I had not had a period for around 5 months and assumed that menopause was knocking at my door. My general practitioner took blood and detected my thyroid issue and also found that I was post menopausal. Bit of a shock at first as I have had absolutely no symptoms, still haven't, and my body or mental state has not altered in any way in the last 4 years. I thank my mother for her wonderful genes,
  2. Hello from Down Under. I am new to this forum and have a question I would like answered. I was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma and Raynauds in 1985. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism approximately 3 years ago and after reading through many posts, I am now wondering whether the diagnosis for hypothyroidism was misread. I am not typical to the symptoms of an under active thyroid, such as tiredness, weight gain, depression etc. Rather the opposite, I am always active, same light weight for 40+ years, bubbly personality and I deal with life, whatever it throws at me. It may be only
  3. Hi Nia I was diagnosed in '85 with systemic scleroderma and was living in Adelaide. The cold weather was stopping me from doing so much and after having half a finger removed due to the condition, I decided to move to Darwin. I had just endured 8 months of excruciating pain, 8 panadeine forte and 4 sleeping tablets a day and was missing out on enjoying my children grow. I had nothing to lose and found that I was still mobile enough that I could play netball 4-5 times a week in the warmer climate. During the 10 years I was there I had endoscopies every 6-12 months as I have chroni
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