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  1. :emoticons-line-dance: :emoticons-group-hug: thank you all for your support. I do appreciate everything.. and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G! In one week, I have survived a wild fire in my area, a tornado in my town and now scleroderma. Ok... I'm quitting while I'm ahead. :P See. I'm a HEAD. Ya'll ROCK... Thanks again.. Best wishes to all
  2. One of my co-workers was sharing with me that he was going for a Blasting Flood test.. :emoticon-dont-know: I started laughing .. what he was trying to say is that he was going for a Fasting Blood test. We still laugh about it. I told him it sounded like he was going to a protologist at first. Dawn
  3. And the verdict is in. My doctors PA finally called! She said that since I am not showing symptoms of scleroderma, then it's not scleroderma. She said that even though I had positive Lupus and Sclero levels, since I am showing Lupus signs and not sclero, then that is how she decided the answer. The very first thing the PA said was, "Well, you've been looking on the internet haven't you and that's what scared you." I said, "No, .I lost my next door neighbor to the disease and THAT scared me. Once you didn't let me know what was going on THEN I looked on the internet and got with a support
  4. Latest. I finally got the paperwork on my lab work, but after calling for 2 days, my rheumatologist's PA hasn't called back. I begged her on the voice mail to please call me back and let me know what's going on. I explained that I have been extremely upset and just need some answers on what is going on with me. Nothing, NADA! So.. on the levels I did get to see that I do have scl70 levels elevated. Where negative is , 16 and positive is >20...mine is 47.. through in positive ANA quantitive and qualitive a liver that tells doctors that I drink alot when I cannot tollerate alcohol
  5. Hi ya'll, .. Here it is. I've been diagnosed with Lupus, Fibro, Peripheral Neuropathy, and RA... then Friday, my doctor runs in..rattles off my blood test results and says the following Ok... you have Lupus because your tests show you levels are elevated in your double strand DNA Your ANA Your thyroid is slightly elevated your Sjogrens is elevated and your scleroderma is elevated *************************' I was thrown about the Sjogrens... then she drops the scleroderma elevation in there as if we always talked about it and breezes right out of the room. My questio
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