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  1. G'day Everyone, I was talking with a lady yesterday and she was telling me about her renal figures. I was gob smacked and totally amazed and even a tad excited but since then I have thought about it and it is so opposite to all that I thought I knew about renal failure that I figured before I get excited I need some feedback from you girls to see what you think. I want to believe it all but as I said it just is so opposite to all that I have known and experienced. If there is some truth to it then I have cause to be excited if not then I need to back up some. My granular filtratio
  2. G'day Amanda , I was sorry to learn how sick you are; this scleroderma is just soooo nasty !!! The more I read and get to know you all, the more amazed I am. As sick as you all are, there is a little band of you sclero girls, that no matter who posts you all jump in with encouragement,support and advice. Yet you're all soooo sick yourselves. I notice, Amanda, that you're one of those little band of sclero angels, giving all you got even as sick as you are, you STILL give to others. It seems that sclero has knocked everyone around in some way or another ,but that little band of sick
  3. You girls are just sooooo funny .... I love that sclero happy dance ! It just makes me smile ..... :emoticons-line-dance: You have all been so great, so supportive and so informative; what you have all taught me has LITERALLY been "life changing" :happy-day: ..... you're like medical dictionaries on legs !!! I must admit I don't always understand the 'medical pages' as they're too technical for me to absorb; I learn more from reading all your posts where you translate everything in simple terms, so yes, Robyn was right in saying we are very lucky to have you girls in our corner .....
  4. Sclero Happy Dance!! That !was just soooo cute, soooo funny. It sure put a smile on my dial! :VeryHappy: Got an appointment next Wednesday to have the hearing aides tuned up, then after that I will tape them to my glasses and then I'm all done. The thing that has astonished me most is that since being diagnosed with scleroderma , and as all the symptoms escalated and my health deteriorated, I just took all the changes in my stride. Some ruffled my feathers more than others, but none of the health issues ever reduced me to tears, but that tinnitus did! At the moment the high
  5. Just thought I would tell you how the story of hearing aides /tinnitus unravelled .... I picked up my hearing aids from the technician who fixed them I noticed he put new pods on them eeeeeek ! I told him I didn't want the pods on that they are intolerable and he just said not a problem we can put mini pods on them; he came back with these tiny little pods soooo small but are pod shaped (by the way they are referred to as domes ) and they are terrific, small enough not to give you that 'plugged up' feeling but enough to keep em still; I was so thrilled. So I am now a permanent wearer of
  6. Thanks for your input Amanda, Jo, Janey and Shelley, I must say that I doubted that it was sclero related; because of the burning the nurses did wait for the alcohol wipe to dry thinking it was that causing the burning and they always use the pediatric butterfly needles to help with the burning but still as long as the needle was in my vein the burning would happen. As soon as they pull the needle out the burning would stop. I have another disease completely non related to sclero called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (C.R.P.S); it's not a life threatening disease but is a degenerative ner
  7. G'day everyone, Whenever I have to have a blood test the nurses always say, just as they are about to slide the needle into my very big juicy veins, "just a little sting" and yep there is just a little sting at first but after that my skin burns and the longer she has the needle in my vein the further the burning sensation travels up and down my arm. I whince and tense up from that burning feeling, the nurses always say the burning sensation is because sclero makes everything sensitive, before I had sclero I always only felt the sting but now it's sting then burning. Are the nurses righ
  8. Hi Amanda, Yes I have no problems imagining why you would choose to be free of migraines over sclero!! I'm sure anyone who has had a migraine would say the same. I manage all aches and pains caused by sclero not with pain meds but with visulisations (could almost say self hypnosis) and I get great results, but I have never been able to master self help via visualisations when the symptoms are in the head area, so my tinnitus has always won the battle between me coping and not coping and unfortunately there is no magic pill you can take to manage it so I have been a 'victim of tinnitu
  9. Hi Amanda, My first response to your post saying you couldn't live without tinnitus was "What"!! However, I'm glad you posted that as after I got over the "What!" response I realised that what you said actually backed up what Shelley was saying about acknowleging it, accepting it and letting it go, so you are proof that you can 'get to a place' of peace living with tinnitus. I would prefer it to just GO AWAY but if it is here to stay I can only hope that I can get to where you are and think of it as normal. Hugs "G"
  10. Hi Jeannie, So you have a border collie, eh? They are such a beautiful dog (except when barking at 5.00am). We had a border collie he was just gorgous but being 'city folks' his instinct to round everything up was focused on cars so whenever cars drove past there was our old dog trying to round them up. It was actually scary to watch as I always feared he would go under the wheels. Nothing we did ever deterred him from rounding up cars. Happy to say he lived a long happy life and brought us much joy. I see that Jo has an avatar with a black and white spaniel; so cute with their flop
  11. Hi Shelley, Yes I did try the batteries both ways plus side up plus side down and still nothing. I think you could be right that the batteries have lost their ooomp even though the packet has a date on it 5/2012. I will buy new ones on Monday as well as make an appointment with the hearing aide lady (not sure if she a doctor or not.) Tonight the ringing is really bad so I am flat out trying to embrace it, acknowledge it, accept it then just let it go. It's so hard as when you need your mind power to over come a symptom it is extra hard when the problem is actually in the 'engine room'
  12. Hi Shelley, How funny that you spent the whole evening struggling to hear only to find you had not turned your aids on!! Those soft spoken people are really hard to hear even in a room with no background noise, but when you do have a soft spoken person, noisy background and aids off I can see why all you could do was lip read, nod and smile politely. Can't it be so awkward and embarrassing when you are out socially and you just can't follow conversations from those soft spoken people!! Re. my aids I don't have an on/off switch on mine; they only have sound up/down buttons, but I did
  13. Hi Jeannie, I definately need to learn "sclero talk". When you talked about wearing your O2 I thought it was a fancy name for hearing aids; it was only when I read further that I realised the O2 must be oxygen? D'oh!! Another lady here was talking about her chemo, I assumed she had cancer until Robyn told me it was sclero talk for a particular sclero drug! Again d'oh !. My hair is long enough to hide the hearing aids but it was never the problem for me if they were seen or not, it was everything else about them that made me ditch them; however I have now "turned the page" and am past
  14. Hi Jo, Re. your hubby; I so understand why your hubby flat out refuses to wear his hearing aids. They are really hard to get used to, especially that pod thing on the end of the tubes; it just feels so unnatural to have plugs in that very sensitive inner ear. I didn't know you could cut them off which I will do and then hopefully I will be able to tolerate them better but before I do cut them off, I will wait to hear from Shelley to see if that tube moves about in the ear without the pod thing on it as I reason if it did it could be just as aggravating as the plug; either way the tinnitus
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