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    New Lesion

    Hi, Thanks for your replies :) I'm going to book an appointment with my general practitioner next week and mention my concerns. Unfortunately I don't have a consultant where I live who knows about my Scleroderma. I've recently relocated to Scotland and my medical records are still in Ireland. So hopefully they'll have heard of it before. My scleroderma is not systemic, I believe it is linear but I don't have any other information than that because as an adult the only information I was given was a printed out sheet describing the different types of linear scleroderma. (Before that my parents would have been told about it, and sure they probably can't even say the word scleroderma let alone know what type it is) My scleroderma is only skin involved but does cause an issue with underlying muscle. Anyway, when I get checked out I'll pop back and let you all know how I got on. :)
  2. Louxx

    New Lesion

    Hi, I've just discovered a new lesion of dry skin right next to my current skin where I have scleroderma. I haven't had new patches in over 15 years. Has anyone experienced this or do you think it could just be dry skin? I never thought I'd get more scleroderma patches again! Thanks, Lou x
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. That has made me feel a little better. I've become a little bit of a hypochondriac ever since I had glandular fever over a year ago and still haven't seemed to be able to combat the tiredness it brought with it. When I get the exam and results, I will make sure to let everyone know how I got on :) Louise.
  4. Hi everyone, I've had linear scleroderma on my left leg from the age of 8 (I'm now 23) I was always told I will never have the systemic version of scleroderma, but over the last month I've had stomach problems. My doctor has now decided to send me for a Scope exam to find out what's wrong. I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced stomach/digestive problems as a result of being diagnosed with linear scleroderma? Look forward to hearing some answers, Louise
  5. I looked up Telangiectasia. Is that only related to CREST scleroderma? or can somebody have it without having systemic scleroderma? I'm not very used to all the terms used on here about Scleroderma yet so I don't know whether I should be worried or if it is normal for somebody with only skin involvement to get this. Lou xx
  6. Hi, I've recently noticed a number of small red dots under the skin on my patches of skin which my linear scleroderma covers. I noticed today that more and more dots are appearing. Does anybody know what this might be? I was thinking it is something to do with blood vessels? As it is appearing around the area I got sunburnt on a few weeks ago :( Regards, Lou xx
  7. Thanks for replying :) Yeah I think I might go get it done, I used to hate the look of it, but now it has started hurting so it'd be better off fixed and in a cast/bandage for a few weeks or months. Thanks for the link, i'm going to have a read of it now! Lou xx
  8. Hey everyone :) just curious as to whether anybody here has ever had an operation on a Bunion? I'm looking into having it done but haven't heard of anyone who has had it done before. Lou xx
  9. Hi, Thanks everybody for the reply. I was a member here a few years ago, but my email address has changed since then so I just decided to set up as a new member. I am on no medication for my scleroderma (and never have been) Thankfully my sunburn in now healed, and it healed pretty quickly :) I have noticed a little change in that area of my skin though, it is a lot more flexible since I have had contact with the sun, which doesn't come often here in Ireland.Its supposed to be the middle of summer but its lashing rain outside. I still haven't decided if I will use sunbeds yet. Probably won't bother with them since I haven't really got the time anyway. Thanks for the replies, Louise :) x
  10. Hi, I'm curious to find out if anybody with Linear Scleroderma has ever used tanning beds/ sunbeds? My sister has started to use them and wants me to go with her next week, i'd love to go only a couple of times to get a little tan but I'm afraid of sunburn (since I got pretty easily burnt on my leg yesterday) does anybody know if someone with scleroderma should or should not go near a tanning bed? Thanks, Louise :)
  11. Hi, Just a quick question. I have Linear Scleroderma on my left leg, and unfortunately I wasn't very careful yesterday and my shin got badly burnt, it's showing up some tiny red dots beneath the skin surface. I'm just wondering if anybody knows of any good creams to put on it, or should I just keep using the after sun? I tried a creme but I'm not sure if it would help soothe it at all. I'm usually so careful when on holidays with my leg, but living in Ireland, i just forgot I'd burn easily on that section of leg with the sun here! :( Louise :)
  12. Hi Everyone! I haven't posted here in a good year or two I think! I have had scleroderma for roughly 12 years, I'm now 20. I have morphea/linear scleroderma on my left leg which never spread anywhere else. But 2 weeks ago I noticed a tiny (and it is very small) red piece on my right arm, which since then has turned into a piece of skin (not changing in size) which looks of similar pigment and dry/shiny skin. I'm not sure if it is anything to worry about since my doctor told me there's not much chance of it spreading away from my left leg. At first I thought I burnt myself, but now I don't think that's the problem. I was just curious, has anyone experienced what I have in the last 2 weeks? Thanks for reading, Louise x
  13. thanks everybody for replying. Sheryl, the reason I'm thinking about being a patient in an acupuncture course isn't to do with my studies haha, i don't think I'd have the patience to have a medical career I'm thinking about taking part in it because my sister's manager in work is doing this acupuncture course in her spare time and every week they need some people to practice on. If I do decide to take part in it, it will be in about 2 or 3 weeks time. so I'll make sure to let everyone know how it goes.
  14. hi, i'm just wondering has anyone has any experience with acupuncture in relation to aches and pains? I might be helping out at an acupuncture lesson - which involves being a patient, so I'm wondering should I have any concerns?
  15. Louxx


    Hi, My exam went ok, i ended up doing an orange and dark chocolate mousse(although it didn't really taste like orange) my teacher thought it was a bit flavourless but he liked the way I decorated the plate. I burnt my finger on caramel, it stuck to my finger so it was sore for a few days. so I got annoyed with that sauce I was trying to make, one of my friends said I could use hers. :) Then he asked us to improve on it for the exam the next week, so I done the same dish again but I put in some grand marnier aswell just to flavour it a bit more. He said he prefered the first one I done, which is true because my second week I was just so tired I wasn't even bothered. And my decoration that week was just terrible, everythng just messed up on me! He still jumped me up 6 marks though. So I was happy. I have a photo of my first weeks one, forgot my camera on the 2nd week, so I'll stick up a photo sometime soon. Happy holiday!!
  16. Louxx


    This isn't a recipe, but the topic comes under kitchen. On wednesday, i have to make a coldsweet dessert for part of an exam for college. I got a list of ingredients that I can use, so I'm thinking of making a mousse. I'm not sure what flavour though, i've already made a bailey's mousse, and I've made a white chocolate mousse. The ingredients that I can use for the mousse are: dark chocolate, milk choclate, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, baileys, grand marnier, peach schnapps, passionfruit liquoir, theres oranges, lemons, mangoes.. think thats everything. I've been thinking maybe a two layered mousse.. cant decide what flavours though. If anyone has any suggestions, please post :D
  17. I'm studying a degree in Culinary Arts at the moment, in my 2nd year (its 4 years altogether) I'm also working in a local shop part-time, i love it there! The only bad thing is that I stand all day, the counters are too high to have a chair! :rolleyes: I'm not sure what I want to do after college, i'll think about that another time haha :P Louise xx
  18. hi eveyone! I just realised I haven't visited this website in a good while! iIve been so busy with college. I noticed theres new topic sections, its good! Last time I was online I asked what the benefits of cod liver oil capsules would be, i took them for a month but haven't seen any benefits. i might start taking them again though. Well, i better head to bed now, i've got a wine tasting exam tomorrow in college!! can't see myself passing it at all!! Lovies, Louise xx
  19. Jen, I love your answer, made me laugh alot! :D Normally I'm grand, so maybe thats why everyone thought I was being moany or whatever that night.
  20. I can't think of anything really good scleroderma has brought to me, except for knowing more about tissue and joints. And also I notice some people my age, and younger, would stare at someone if they had something wrong with their skin. But I don't take notice of them things since I know I have stuff like that myself. But apart from that, i hate it. Its probably just because I'm young and just want to keep up with all my friends! I'll have to wait till I'm older!
  21. I went out to a night club last night, a lot of dancing was done at the start of the night so my legs got real sore. I got so annoyed cos everyone kept pestering me (the people who don't know me real well, and don't know that I have scleroderma and tired joints). they kept trying to get me to dance and said I was no fun and stuff. The only thing is, i never know what to say. When I say "my legs are sore" they just look at me as if I have 2 heads and don't get me. I know a lot of people on this are mostly older than me, so I'm not sure if it happens to anyone. but if it does, let me know what I should say to them.
  22. hi all, hope everyones doing good! :D I've been very busy lately, working and going on little holidays. i think last time I wrote on this I was about to go to America. it was amazing! loved the shopping in New York!! ended up putting on a lot of "deep heat" to soothe my joints! but it was definatly worth it. I went camping there last weekend, to a big music festial. have to say, i done well walking and standing for the whole day. very proud of myself! The Mud was up to my shins, so I spent the whole day tugging at my legs to get them out of the mud! but it was all part of the fun. I was just wondering, does anyone here take cod liver oil capsules? I heard its meant to help with joint pains, and at this stage I'm considering trying them. Or if anyone knows of any other kind of tablets like any vitamin ones or anything that might help?
  23. :( I think I found a new part on my leg where my scleroderma has spread to.. I noticed it when I was shaving (because hair doesn't grow on my leg where the hard skin is) and I noticed how there was a bruised looking spot near the other skin involvement on my leg. i'm just going to keep an eye on it over the next few days. I'm not going to let it get to me, because I'm going on holidays soon! off to NewYork for some shopping! cannot wait!! :D First time ever gong to America.
  24. Thanks for your replies. So far my managers haven't said anything back to me about wondering what scleroderma is. On my health form it said "have you ever had/have any skin diseases or rashes?" I ticked yes and wrote scleroderma. So as far as they know, it's just a skin problem. which is fine with me since my scleroderma doesn't limit me in any way in my job.
  25. i got a new summer job in a shop recently. I was asked to fill out my health form today, so if they have any questions about my scleroderma, can anyone help me on how to explain what exactly it is? i'm not very good at explaining things.
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